Equality and Athena SWAN Equality and Athena SWAN

Our aim is to ensure that BIO is an inclusive place for study.

We are therefore developing and implementing a range of initiatives to promote equality in our School and across UEA.

"Athena SWAN is a major catalyst for helping UEA improve the career opportunities for women in STEMM subjects." Prof David J Richardson, VC.

"Our School is working hard to increase transparency and fairness for all at every level." Prof Tamas Dalmay, Head of School.

The University of East Anglia, the Faculty of Science and the School of Biological Sciences are committed to the principles of the Athena SWAN charter.

The University has held an Athena SWAN Bronze institutional award since 2012.

BIO achieved Bronze status in September 2013 and is currently working towards the Silver status (submission planned for November 2016).

Alongside improving its data collection, the BIO Athena SWAN Support and Equality Team (ASSET) is continuing its core Action Plan to promote equality of opportunity for all by raising awareness and increasing participation and engagement in order to effect culture within the School.

Please get in touch if you would like to be involved in the Athena SWAN project in BIO. We would love to hear from you.

Your ideas could help us make a difference. 

If you would like to help or join ASSET (Athena SWAN Support and Equality Team) please contact Professor Tracey Chapman or Professor Dylan Edwards.

ASSET would like to acknowledge Liz Jones, Sarah Pike and Vicky Walklate from the BIO Local Support team for their help in producing the Athena SWAN website.

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