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Collaborative Approach

Collaborative working was a key element during the construction of The Enterprise Centre and is an ethos that has continued. See following film for further information about how this worked in practice. 

The Enterprise Centre collaborative approach film


Key statistics



Use of natural and local materials: Thetford timber, straw from North Norfolk, reed from Southwold and hemp. At least 80% natural material, including thatch, timber and cellulose

Traditional use of thatch on the roof and innovative cassette thatching on external walls

100 year design life

Less than a quarter of embodied carbon of a regular building

Features renewable energy applications, including solar panels, which generate 44KW


Construction methods and materials

Passivhaus and BREEAM outstanding achieved

Green Procurement, collaboration and engaging the supply chain has been a key component in the overall construction project

Lumber normally used for simpler purposes like fence posts and pallets has been used for the timber frame structure evidencing that this is possible

3-year post occupancy evaluation of carbon emission implications underway

Incorporates 98% recycled steel frame instead of the standard 50% – a first for the UK

Used 70% ground granulated blast furnace mix (GBBS) as a cement replacement for the building’s foundation and structure which has reduced the embodied carbon to only 30% of a regular building

58 tonnes of recycled newspapers used for insulation


Local economy and the community

Tours during construction and information dissemination supported the regional construction sector and the green Economy - specifically on jobs, upskilling and the multiplier effect from business support

Local materials procured in order to keep the carbon impacts as low as possible, e.g. Corsian pine from Thetford Forest

20 jobs created and over 162 safeguarded. 259 business supported

The region’s green business hub providing first-class and innovative work and event space for companies and community groups


Building project

Total value: £17m for the whole building project

Funded by: ERDF (£7.1m), UEA (£7.4m), BBSRC (£2m), BRE (£0.5m)


Meeting and event space