Champions and Students From Sustainability-Related Societies Champions and Students From Sustainability-Related Societies

The Sustainability Network consists of a wide range of staff Champions and students involved in sustainability-related societies. These brilliant volunteers provide a local focus point for environmental and energy issues.

They encourage their friends and colleagues to make small changes to everyday work and lifestyle practices that collectively make a big difference across UEA.

The Network

Sustainability Champions are ambassadors of environmental issues at UEA. Staff can be part of a team, or the key point of contact between the Sustainability Team and School staff, students and senior management. Students can join in meetings or just be part of societies like Sustainability Society or Enactus UEA, helping to run various activities that would improve our environmental credentials.

Like all large organisations, UEA has a large impact on the environment. Estates are always working to reduce this, but we still need to raise awareness amongst staff, students and visitors not only about what we do, but also about their role in helping.

We provide on-going support and assistance to our ambassadors and champions as part of our mission to reduce carbon emissions and other environmental issues across the University’s estate and encourage sustainable behaviour across our research, teaching and administrative activities.

Staff? Become a Sustainability Champion!

We are looking to have representation from across every School and administrative department. The level of involvement varies from receiving emails and putting up the occasional poster, to being the key contact for your School or Department.

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Student? Join the Enactus UEA and Sustainability Society!

Enactus UEA and Sustainability Society are the societies you should join to be able to make a difference. Although independent in terms of deciding on and running their own campaigns and events, their close links with the Estates staff mean that members of these societies are in a key position for developing real-world awareness and employability skills at an early stage of their university careers.

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