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The Sustainability, Utilities and Engineering Department delivers projects behind the scenes to support the University in reducing its environmental impact and increasing energy efficiency. We also work closely with staff and students to share best practice, support behaviour change and strategies, and hear what you need to support UEA's Sustainable Ways.

Each team member below works full time, except the Building Services Engineer and the Sustainable Laboratories Manager, and can be contacted by email at:

UEA's Environmental Policy and strategy

Sustainability, Utilities and Engineering

Phil Hunt, Head of Sustainability, Utilities and Engineering

Phil Hunt, Head of Sustainability, Utilities and Energy

Phil Hunt specialises in sustainability and energy in the built environment, using experience and knowledge gained from 17 years working principally as an engineering consultant and in renewable energy systems contracting roles. Previous roles have included establishing and managing a sustainability NGO (non-governmental organisation), managing an energy services company, and lecturing on MSc courses in related subjects. The central themes during his career are innovation and change, and managing risk when applying new methods, technology and business systems. Phil has a masters degree in architecture and is a Chartered Engineer with CIBSE.

Tom Smith, Strategic Asset Manager

Tom Smith, Strategic Asset Manager

I coordinate the forecasting of operating capital requirements, develop and maintain a sector leading approach to managing the life-cycle replacement (LCR) of assets. I maintain and improve the asset register, develop the functionality of the LCR software and other processes, in order to produce accurate and risk based financial forecasts. I assist with efficient planning of renewal projects and review strategic and operational policies and documents relating to the Estates strategy plan. The role also includes undertaking general duties of the Engineering Team.

Lee Nairn, Business Support Officer

Lee Nairn, Business Support Officer

I am responsible for supporting the Sustainability, Utilities and Engineering team with a variety of administrative functions, such as data and financial processing, coordinating diaries, supporting meetings, HR tasks, managing and responding to enquiries on sustainability, and assisting with waste issues to ensure they are dealt with responsibly across the university campus.


Matthew Bennett, Sustainable Laboratories Manager

Kieya Rajasegaran, Sustainability Officer

I am a Senior Technician in the Schools of Chemistry and Pharmacy teaching lab and have recently been seconded to the Sustainability, Utilities and Engineering team for one day per week to work on Sustainable Labs.


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Energy and Carbon Reduction

Richard Bettle, Energy and Utilities Manager

Richard Bettle, Head of Energy and Utilities

I am responsible for managing UEA’s targets around energy and carbon reduction, as well as the technology and other systems that deliver the energy produced by our combined heat and power engines on site. I manage the electricity and gas utilities budgets and support initiatives to make efficiencies across campus.


Jeremy Carter, Assistant Energy & Utilities Manager

Jeremy Carter, Assistant Energy & Utilities Manager

My role includes identifying energy and water reduction opportunities. I do this by analysing consumption and undertaking audits. Once a project has been identified I am responsible for business case development, securing buy-in, and project delivery. I am responsible for forming strong cross-departmental relationships that enable the adoption of more efficient technology and better ways of working. A large part of my role involves improving the quality of utility data we use to make tactical decisions.


Carlos Merchan, BMS Developer

I am responsible for developing the UEA Building Management System (BMS) into a user-friendly tool, which will help Estates to better integrate building maintenance, energy management and user controls. As part of this remit, I manage the production of technical strategies, budget, and project delivery.


Stewart Langridge, BMS Technician

UEA has the second largest TREND Building Management System in the UK, and I am responsible for diagnosing faults using the BMS and resolving issues as they occur. I work with the BMS team and Energy Officer to deliver energy efficiency savings through this ongoing maintenance.


Simon Ward, BMS Engineer

Simon Ward, BMS Engineer

I am responsible for managing the day to day operation of the Trend BMS. This involves writing and modifying the Trend software, rectifying reported faults and proactive maintenance works to ensure efficient operation of the BMS. I work closely with the other members of the BMS and Energy Reduction teams to improve environmental conditions and energy usage throughout the campus.


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Environmental Management and Engagement

Katherine Middleton, Environmental Management System and Waste Manager

Katherine Middleton, Environmental Management System and Waste Manager

I manage UEA's Environmental Management System to the ISO14001:2015 standard. This includes undertaking auditing and training staff and students to ensure that we protect the environment and fulfil our compliance obligations. I also manage the University's waste system to ensure we deal with waste responsibly, implementing initiatives to reduce, reuse or recycle valuable resources.


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Engineering and Infrastructure

Oliver Cozens, Senior Engineering and Infrastructure Manager

As a building services engineer I have a broad responsibility for management of the various mechanical and electrical systems in use across the campus, including the district heating and cooling systems. I work closely with the Estates Maintenance team to ensure that plant and building services are operated and maintained in a safe and efficient manner. I also assist the Estates Helpdesk team to respond to customer queries and resolve operational issues relating to building services.

Scott Hurkett, Engineering and Infrastructure Manager

Scott Hurkett, Engineering and Infrastructure Manager

Bio coming soon.



Steve Edwards, Electrical Services Infrastructure Manager

Steve Edwards, Electrical Services Infrastructure Manager

My role within the team is to look after the University's electrical infrastructure. This ranges from our 11,000v high-voltage network down to the socket outlets that supply your desk PCs. I also work closely with the Maintenance and Helpdesk teams in resolving issues that arise, such as problems with internal and external lighting complaints. Other areas that I am involved with across the campus are fire alarm systems, refuge systems, lifts and access control.


Bob Savage, Building Services Engineer

Bob Savage, Building Services Engineer

I am an experienced building services engineer and AutoCad specialist. My endeavours are to maintain an up-to-date database of detailed drawing/information of installed building services. This enables the university to provide a sustainably-motivated, modern, professional teaching and working environment for its scholars, employed working staff, contractor suppliers and all those needing to attend the University of East Anglia estate on a daily basis. (Works two days per week)


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Travel and Transport

These role holders report to the Deputy Director of Estates, but work closely with the Sustainability, Utilities and Engineering Department to promote sustainable travel.

Access and Security Operations Manager

Security and Transport Operations Manager


Transport Administrator and Lodge team

We administrate UEA's car park permitting system, and support staff and students in getting on and off campus by more sustainable means. Contact us with questions about your travel needs, or find us in the Lodge during working hours! Check UEA's travel webpages, or email us on


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Contact us if you have any ideas or questions relating to environmental issues or management at UEA.