Guidance and strategy documents, procedures and resources Guidance and strategy documents, procedures and resources

The Sustainability Team and colleagues across UEA are producing materials to support UEA's Sustainable Ways on an ongoing basis.

Welcome to our resource bank. From downloadable posters to legal compliance documents, our bank is pulling together resources that can be used by staff and students to embed pro-environmental practices and behaviour within the University.

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  • UEA Sustainable Labs Guide
  • A full range of new posters from the Green Impact Awards Scheme
  • Our Waste and Water Strategies

Environmental Policy & Annual Reports



Guide: Target 2020 – Energy & Carbon Reduction Programme



Posters: General waste & recycling



Poster: Glass recycling



Strategy: Communications & Engagement (2016)



Strategy: Travel Plan 2016-2020



Environmental Incident Report Form



Labs guide: Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Management



Poster: Student kitchen waste guide



Infographic: Procurement



Strategy: Energy and Carbon Reduction



Policy: Sustainable Food



Environmental Incident Management Plan



Leaflet: safe cycling and cycle safety



Poster: Student residences room recycling



Infographic: Recycling



Policy: Disposal of Equipment



Training: Sustainable Procurement