Enabling interdisciplinary links through UEA sustainability Enabling interdisciplinary links through UEA sustainability

Two key programmes aim to connect UEA's world-leading research and graduates with operational and wider sustainability. The Living Lab aims to inspire students through real-world sustainability projects. The Future Skills Initiative is working across teaching and learning to embed Education for Sustainable Development within our curricula.

The University is home to major environmental and social research centres and groups and is a part of various collaborative research programmes. Through our world-class schools, we have an international reach and research significance.

Future Skills Future Skills

Results of a project looking at effect of insulation on pipes

The Future Skills Initiative has been set up at UEA in order to allow students to become involved in research, providing them with an understanding of the relationship between our academic disciplines and emerging sustainability concepts.

It will also link sustainability teaching, research, and practice to improve student experience and employability.

The Future Skills Initiative is developing education for sustainable development (ESD) at UEA.

UEA Living Lab - volunteer and academic projects UEA Living Lab - volunteer and academic projects

Students undertaking fieldwork overlooking UEA campus

The UEA Living Lab is developing the University of East Anglia campus as a site for applied teaching and research around sustainability and low carbon.

Projects are carried out directly on and with the buildings, grounds and operations of the University, aiming to improve UEA's sustainability.

  • Students can propose and carry out projects across the University.
  • Researchers can integrate practical, tangible projects into their course content and material.
  • Estates Project Managers can learn from projects post-completion, or gain support for data analysis.

This programme provides a platform to develop and monitor innovative, sustainable practices and technologies through student projects in real world settings.

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