Norse Waste Solutions: happy collecting Norse Waste Solutions: happy collecting

UEA has successfully nominated its two main site operatives from Norse Waste Solutions for a nationally recognised reward.

Mr Ronnie Oakes and Mr Fred Norris were nominated by UEA’s Waste and Water Manager, Andy Watts, for the ‘Collection Crew of the Year’ award from the Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management. Mr Oakes and Mr Norris are the regular driver and loader on site every day Monday to Friday, alternating between general waste and dry mixed recycling collections.

During each daily visit they check the amount of waste for the next day collection and if there is a big build up they will return to collect excess amounts to ensure that the campus is left safe. The pair are very conscientious and will never leave campus until all of our waste has been collected.

Occasionally the 1,100 litre bins will need some minor repairs. These are reported by Mr Oakes and Mr Norris, who will if possible carry out the repairs themselves. They take a great deal of pride in their work: while 5-year-old bins usually need to be replaced, due to their care the UEA bins could be refurbished instead. The manufacturer remarked on how the bins’ good condition meant that only a few of the wheels needed replacing and fresh coats of paint were required.

"The pair are a credit to their company and to the refuse collection world. They are always seen on campus with a smile on their faces and are courteous to everyone." Andy Watts, UEA Waste and Water Manager

There is an excessive amount of waste produced when students leave UEA accommodation in the summer. Both Mr Oakes and Mr Norris work overtime to clear the waste produced, and where possible strive to segregate recyclables from the general waste.

UEA was the only university to be a finalist for the awards. The awards took place on May 19 in London, and the Sustainability Team are thrilled that Mr Oakes and Mr Norris were successful.