Projects and pilots, successes and learning experiences Projects and pilots, successes and learning experiences

Staff and students across the University have carried out projects and behind-the-scenes work to support UEA's green campus aims.

Find out more about some of the work that has gone into improving UEA's low-carbon credentials and further improve our environmental and social impact...

Communicating lab best practice (2018)



Procurement: Sustainable furniture (2016)



Biodiversity: Tree planting offsets emissions (2015)



Strategy: International certification for EMS (2015)



Teaching and learning: The Future Skills Initiative (2014)



Campus cows (2012–2015)



Academic paper saving (2017)



UniGreenScheme: lab resource efficiency (2016)



Dairy procurement (2016)



Carbon: Thermal Stores (2016)



Buildings: Enterprise Centre (2015)



Energy: Dynamic Demand (2014)



Sustainable travel (2016)



Waste: award winners - Happy collecting (2016)



Buildings: Crome Court (2015)



Waste: New contract (2015)



Students: CarbonCrew highlights (2014)



Biodiversity: Campus Awards (2012)