Disposal guide Disposal guide

Sometimes it can be confusing to know the correct or best way to dispose of materials that you no longer want, that are broken or that are waste. If you have any questions not answered below, please email us on sustainability@uea.ac.uk.

Waste streams

UEA has a dry mixed recycling system in place. This means that almost all materials produced by the average office can be recycled together. We separate our waste into several different waste streams:

  • Mixed dry recycling: All paper and clean card products; empty drinks cans; empty and rinsed food tins; all plastic bottles and clean plastic food containers; aerosol cans; and tetrapac cartons.
  • General waste: Polystyrene, drinking glasses, contaminated food waste and other items not mentioned above should go into the general waste bins.
  • Batteries: Collection point at the Recycling Zone near Dr Bike, and in the Estates loading bay.
  • Food waste: Composting bins (small brown/ green caddies indoors, or external brown bins) take food, wooden stirrers, coffee grounds, tea bags and other biodegradeable materials.
  • Glass: Bottles and jars go into the external black bins.
  • Electrical items: Main collection point is the Recycling Zone near Dr Bike. (additional points for office/lab items: SCI and CHE loading bays)
  • Textiles: Collection points at the Recycling Zone near Dr Bike, Constable Terrace, and The Village.

Recycling in residences

If you're a student living on campus, your kitchen follows the same rules as the above list. Check out this poster for more information:

Recycling in student residences


Furniture and other unwanted items can be exchanged through our free online re-use platform, WARPit.

Avoid procurement and disposal costs by registering, and by encouraging people with purchasing responsibilities for your School or Department to sign up.

Register with WARPit

'Comingled' recycling 'Comingled' recycling

Dry mixed recycling

Our waste contract means that nearly everything made of a single material can go in the same bin.

Help us separate items from food/ compostable items, plastic-lined materials (e.g. coffee cups or sandwich containers), polystyrene (and other expanded plastics), glass, and electrical or hazardous items:

  • to be environmental,
  • save UEA money, and
  • follow the law.

Confidential waste Confidential waste

ShredStation bins

All confidential documents.

If the bin is full, additional bins or collections can be requested from sustainability@uea.ac.uk.

For disks, tapes, memory sticks, CDs and DVDs containing confidential information please contact the Sustainability Team.


2019 collection dates

16 Jan 13 Feb 13 March
10 April 08 May 05 June
03 July 31 July 28 Aug
25 Sept 23 Oct 20 Nov
18 Dec 15 Jan  


General waste General waste

'General waste' (/'landfill')

UEA does not send general waste to landfill, but you can help to reduce the amount that we send to generate energy from waste. Bin the bin!

Do not use this route for hazardous, recyclable or compostable wastes.

Always send these to general:

  • Contaminated packaging
  • Crisp packets
  • Reinforced glass
  • Polystyrene/ styrofoam

Electronics Electronics

Plug or battery?

  • Small waste electrical items: container in the Recycling Zone (near Dr Bike).
  • ALL TVs, monitors, fluorescent and refrigeration items: contact us on sustainability@uea.ac.uk
  • Questions or large electrical items? Contact Estates Helpdesk (ext 2121)

Composting Composting

Kitchen waste

Any waste food items can be disposed of in the brown or green caddies in kitchens across campus. Avoid liquid waste or packaging.

Did you know? UEA's Student Union uses compostable cups and materials for all catering. All other campus catering items are not biodegradable and should go to recycling.

  • Food scraps (cooked/raw)
  • Coffee grind and tea bags
  • Wooden stirrers

Glass Glass

Banks and black glass bins

All glass bottles and jars

Please empty and rinse before disposal

Recycling points:

  • Village courtyard
  • West Car Park
  • Suffolk Road
  • Recycling Zone near Dr Bike
  • Wheelie bins outside each residential building and most other campus buildings.

Hazardous/ other Hazardous/ other

Contact the Sustainability Team with any issues, questions, or to find out about disposal routes for hazardous materials (e.g. waste paint, fluourescent tubes, chemicals, or fridges)