Our heating guidance Our heating guidance

We provide heating to our buildings aiming to maintain between 19 and 21 degrees centigrade during normal working hours (defined as between 08:00 and 18:00). This is in line with the official UEA guidelines.

We also endeavour to provide heating to our residential buildings to maintain between 19 and 21 degrees centigrade for a sustained period during any 24 hours.

The University does not provide heating or cooling to cater for extreme or seasonally abnormal weather conditions of either hot or cold, and colleagues are asked to be prepared with appropriate clothing for such conditions. Air conditioning is only provided in laboratories and IT server rooms.

Please note: The introduction of additional electrical heating or cooling sources by individuals or sections is not permitted. The Estates Division will supply temporary electric heating or cooling in line with UEA guidelines.

The use of desk fans is permitted and these can be purchased by individual schools and departments from University central stores, or from local suppliers such as B&Q.

Contact us

Any problems regarding heating, or requests for alteration to heating times due to prolonged changes in working patterns:

Telephone: Estates Helpdesk on 01603 592121 (ext. 2121)

Email: jobdone@uea.ac.uk