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Results from the 2017-18 Big Holiday Switch Off campaign - UEA saved 27% of its electricity and heating energy

The Big Holiday Switch Off was a UEA-wide initiative to cut wasted energy over the 2017-18 festive period.

UEA was closed 22 December 2017 to 1 January 2018, and Estates turned down campus heating to weekend temperatures in unoccupied buildings.

The results The results

UEA saved 27% of its total electricity and heat usage, compared to the same number of days during term time!

That's a financial saving of around £37,800.

Total energy savings (click to enlarge)

UEA Big Holiday Switch Off results energy savings 2017-18The total energy savings were 877,455 kWh. 560,300 kWh were from heat savings and 317,155 kwh were from savings in electricity.

This saving in electricity was enough to power 2,534 houses for the 11 days of the Big Holiday Switch Off.

These savings were from turning unoccupied buildings down to weekend temperatures and encouraging staff and students to switch off their electrics before leaving.

Electricity and heat graphs (click to enlarge)


Bubbles showing % savings across three years. The Big Holiday Switch Off this year has seen the largest amount of savings in electricity and heat compared with 2015-16 and 2017-18.

Staff offices and shared spaces Staff offices and shared spaces

UEA Big Holiday Switch Off poster

Stay involved by (where possible) switching these off at weekends:

  1. PCs and monitors
  2. Shared equipment (check printer rooms and kitchens)
  3. Any unessential equipment and plugs (*)
  4. Lights in your work area
  5. Lights in shared areas (where safe). Check meeting rooms and toilets.

Please contact the Sustainability, Utilities and Engineering Department with any questions or issues.

(* if you work in a laboratory area or building open at the weekends, you may need to check with colleagues first)