From January 2021, the school will have access to a research-dedicated 3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner housed in our new UEA Brain Imaging Centre. Researchers will also continue to have one day per week access to a scanner in the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital for clinical work.

MRI provides very high spatial resolution images of the human brain and functional (fMRI) is one of the standard tools of modern cognitive neuroscience. It allows the measurement of brain activity non-invasively by having participants lie in an MRI scanner whilst performing a psychology experiment.

We are using MRI to study brain structure and function across the broad themes of developmental, cognitive and social neuroscience. Research interests include finding out how different types of memories are represented, using multi-modal sensory tasks to test predictive coding theory, and studying infant brain development using structural imaging, resting-state activity, and working memory tasks.


prism temporary mri scan machine