Wider community links and engagement​

We engage with the challenges of communication not only in our research, but also through a range of events – including special guest lectures, workshops, seminars and conferences.​

We aim to help our students, and the wider community, improve their understanding of language, translation and intercultural communication through campus-based activities. We also run events in the city of Norwich, showcasing contemporary issues with the local community, students and scholars.​

Our engagement activities include:​ 

Norwich – City of Interculture celebrates the partnership between the University of East Anglia, its local host community and communities beyond, by bringing together representatives of all parties to share their perspectives on the challenges of communication across and between languages and cultures.

Norwich – City of Interculture I

We ran the first 'Norwich – City of Interculture' interactive event at the Forum in Norwich in February 2012. More than 50 free events took place in the Forum over two days, including a comedy show by celebrity guest Arthur Smith, language taster sessions, public lectures, workshops, origami and a display of school artwork. Over 400 people attended the free event, with language taster sessions attracting over 250 people alone.

The aim of the event was to bring together and celebrate the diverse range of people living in Norwich now- a diversity the city has enjoyed for many centuries.


Norwich City of Interculture II

We returned to the Forum, Norwich on Saturday 11 May 2013 with a series of activities, presentations and music performances to celebrate cultures in our community, with as a highlight, a presentation on Intercultural communication in Norfolk primary education by Leila Khabbazi.

Co-organiser and languages lecturer, of the ARHC funded project, Ilse Renaudie said: "We wanted to give the local community an opportunity to experience communication across cultures. The city and the region offer a wonderful mix of cultures from the past and also the present and understanding how this influences the way we interact is fascinating."


Norwich City of Interculture III

Visitors to this event discovered more about Norwich’s many cultures, found out how their city became the diverse place it is today, and how cultures are studied and celebrated here. They had a go at translating film dialogue, and learnt some phrases in new languages. They met students, staff and local organisations and discovered many ways to explore cultural diversity and communication across languages and cultures.

Watch our highlights video:

Watch our guest speaker Phil Wood, advisor to the Council of Europe Intercultural Cities programme, talk about initiatives to increase intercultural awareness in the city:


La Taberna is a student led publication under the supervision of Alberto Hijazo-Gascon (Head of Spanish) and Alfredo Castro Jimenez (Associate Tutor in Spanish). ​

The first edition contains interviews with the Lord Mayor of Norwich, Juddith Lubbock, and star of the Imitation Game, Jack Bannon. Students from LCS have also written articles for the magazine on what it is like to be a fresher at UEA, Pope Francis and his role in the promotion of Spanish as a foreign language, Don Quixote public readings in Madrid, and a detailed report on the Year Abroad programme.  ​

Editors of La Taberna welcome contributions in Spanish on any topic and would particularly like to invite schools to submit work by their students. For more information, please email la.taberna@uea.ac.uk

Read the publications

Sacré Théâtre Qu’est-Ce Que C’est?​

Sacré Théâtre is the longest-running permanent French language theatre company in the UK. The company’s cast is comprised of staff and students, principally from the University of East Anglia’s French language courses plus associated members. The opportunity for students to develop their linguistic skills and confidence in a French-Speaking environment in partnership with staff, from the initial read-throughs to public performances, is a tremendously valuable one. We are fortunate to have built up a loyal following of francophiles and francophones in the region.We perform every year at the UEA Drama Studio, usually in late March and can provide discounts for school groups. See photos and films from many of our productions on our Sacré Théâtre website.

We are delighted to be sponsored by local company Integro Languages: experts in translating your brand.

Opportunities for students to attend events and seminars led by experts in language, translation and intercultural communication.

Research Seminars​

This series provides an opportunity for UEA colleagues and students to attend presentations focused on issues of cross-cultural communication and translation studies, our two main areas of research.


We periodically organise or co-organise symposia and postgraduate conferences in the areas of translation, cross-cultural communication and discourse analysis.