Our Workforce Wellbeing area is interested in how to promote healthy and mentally healthy workplaces through organisational and individual behaviour change.

We are addressing an NHS Long Term Plan priority area: how to attract and retain a workforce through improving the way we support staff and learners in the health and social care systems. Our public health approach means we are equally interested in: 

  • The potential of improving health and wellbeing through changes in the way work and learning is organised 
  • How personal wellbeing interventions such as mindfulness can not only improve individual wellbeing but make an organisation a better place to work and learn.  

Professor Kristy Sanderson leads the Workforce Sustainability Research Group of UEA Health & Social Care Partners. She is Deputy Lead for the NIHR ARC East of England Mental Health Over the Life Course theme, and academic lead for the Workforce Wellbeing group. 

For more information contact Kristy Sanderson