Understanding inclusion is vital to research and action for equity in health and social wellbeing especially if we want to work with marginalised groups, such as those who live: 


  • In poor socioeconomic conditions 
  • In long-term care 
  • With disabilities that affect communication, cognition and psychosocial functioning. 

As we increasingly recognise direct and indirect ways in which we may exclude different people and as mass migration moves people across ever-more technologised societies, evidencing inclusion becomes key to reducing tensions between standardising healthcare and fitting increasingly diverse populations.  Our research aims and innovative methods therefore examine mechanisms and health and participation outcomes which link inclusion, mutual understanding and collaborative research in and with communities, institutions and disciplines. 

Professor Fiona Poland leads the Inclusion Research area/theme. She is Co-Lead for the NIHR ARC East of England inclusive involvement in Research for Practice-Led Health and Social Care theme. Fiona is also the UEA academic lead for Volunteering Research with the UEA Institute for Volunteering Research (IVR). 

For more information contact Fiona Poland and Anne Killett