What would my starting salary be?​

Most NHS jobs are covered by the Agenda for Change pay scales and as a recently graduated Learning Disabilities Nurse you will start at Band 5 (which equates to £25,655). Pay and conditions will vary depending upon your employer and competitive rates are offered throughout the private and voluntary sectors.

What hours would I be working?​

There are a range of flexible working hours and these will depend upon the post you hold, some services operate shift hours across a 24 hour period, some offer clinic hours. NHS services operate a 37.5 hour working week which may include evenings, weekends, early and night shifts and bank holidays.

Where could I work?​

There is currently a national shortage of Learning Disability Nurses in the UK, so there are lots of opportunities for jobs and this is likely to grow.

People with Learning Disabilities access the same services that people without a learning disability access, therefore you can work in a wide range of general healthcare settings, specialist learning disability services and services within social care. Examples include:

  • Community Learning Disability Nurse
  • Learning Disability Liaison Nurse
  • Staff Nurse within a general hospital ward
  • Forensic Healthcare Nurse
  • Prison Nurse
  • Specialist Education Needs School nurse
  • Specialist Epilepsy or Continence nurse
  • Respite Services
  • Nurse Education
  • Health Research

The UK nursing qualification which is generally transferable in every other country is the 'Registered Nurse: Adult'. Not all countries have equivalents to the UK qualifications in mental health, learning disability, children’s nursing, health visiting and the enrolled nurse. If there is no equivalent to your nursing qualification in the country you would like to visit then you will not be able to work there as a qualified nurse. For more information, visit the Royal College of Nursing.