We have a vibrant research community with a research seminar series offering weekly opportunities to share research.

Our Internal Workshop Series is organised by Anders Poulsen.


There are two formats:

  • Faculty Seminars: where a faculty member delivers a traditionally structured seminar
  • PhD Seminars: where our PhD Students present their work and engage with discussants

These seminars are open to all ECO Staff and PhD Students, every Tuesday 1pm-2pm. These will be held online until further notice. 


Speakers and Talk Titles

Aayushi Awasthy

Electricity access without quality check is not enough :Evidence from India

Dalal Alotaibi

Saudis’ expectations and preferences in relation to employment decisions: A vignettes study

Binwei Chen

The Causal Effect of Option Market Introductions: A Synthetic Control Approach

Vicenc Esteve Guasch

Price cap regulation and the strategic role of debt: The England and Wales water sector

Keila Onate Guillen

The economic value of mangroves in Latin America: a benefit transfer meta-analysis

Haibo Zhang

Causal evaluation of the China’s Low-Carbon Pilot Initiative on prefectural-level CO2 emission

Gustavo Fruet Dias

Volatility Discovery

David Hugh-Jones

Technology of cultural transmission I: the printing press

Arnold Polanski

What can we learn from applying machine learning to bargaining?" 

Deanna Karapetyan

Reducing Ambiguity on Negative Externalities: The Role of Information on Pro-social Behaviour

Loylom Prasertsri

The Effects of Altruistic and Extrinsic Motivations on Product Review:  Evidence from a Framed Field Experiment

Brock Cox


Dalal Alotaibi

Saudis’ expectations and preferences in relation to employment decisions : A Vignette Study