We nurture an ambition to translate our academic research into a socially relevant and economically significant contribution to society.

Our wide range of expertise in diverse areas of economics provide a vehicle for engagement with regulators and policy makers on both national and international stages. Our research attracts the attention of the general public and thereby informs debates as well as policy makers enabling them to make more informed decisions. 

Through the years our academics have been working with Non-governmental organisations in the UK, Columbia, the Philippines, and Nigeria, tackling issues such as enhancing access to services, governance and transparency, biodiversity and social integration, eco labelling. Our work on behavioural incentives led to collaboration with local authorities and local businesses. In the UK, our researchers have provided tailored solutions to major domestic institutions such as UK Defra, the Department of Health, the Office of Fair Trade, and the Department of Transport. Work conducted in the School of Economics on stated-preference informed methods for estimating valuations for quality-adjusted life-years (QALYs) for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.  We have also given advice to government bodies in Scotland, the Philippines, Australia and international organisation such as the European Commission Directorate General. 

Impact Case Studies Submitted by ECO for REF 2021 Assessment

In the framework of the UK Research Excellence Framework (REF), an impact case study serves as a narrative, aimed at providing a depiction of the real-world influence stemming from research within an academic institution. Typically, an impact case study delineates the specifics of a research project or body of work, explaining its effects on society, the economy, culture, policy, and public services. This narrative is substantiated with evidence to support the claims made. The overarching objective is to spotlight how academic research has translated into tangible and positive contributions on a local, national, or global scale.

The incorporation of impact as a pivotal component in the REF acknowledges the societal relevance and practical applications of academic research. As part of their comprehensive submission to the REF, institutions present a designated number of impact case studies, playing a pivotal role in the evaluation of research quality and its broader societal impact.

In the REF 2021 submission, the School of Economics chose, from a pool of available options, the following trio of impact case studies: