PhD and Research Degrees in the School of Chemistry

We welcome applicants for our postgraduate research opportunities.  


Our research embraces three principle chemistry themes including:

  • Materials and Catalysis
  • Light and Energy
  • Life Processes


Several faculty members with interests in Chemistry of Materials and Catalysis and Chemistry of Light and Energy are members of the Energy Materials Laboratory, and our researchers in the Chemistry of Life Processes theme are members of the cross-School Centre for Molecular and Structural Biochemistry (CMSB). Prospective students are welcome to contact supervisors to explore opportunities.

We have fostered a collaborative spirit in the School that has led to strong interactions not only across the three principal themes, but also with Pharmacy, the other Science Schools, and the Research Institutes on the Norwich Research Park.

Our postgraduate degrees by research usually take between three to four years to complete and are supervised by our expert scientists who outline the research, and provide guidance and mentoring throughout the project. 

Design, synthesis and biological applications of bimetallic vanadium complexes (LORDR_U23SF)

Applications are welcome for a self-funded PhD project in the School of Chemistry at the University of East Anglia, to work in the research group of Dr Rianne...

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Protein disorder in chlamydia infection (BLUMENSCHEINT_U23SF)

Chlamydia is a bacterial obligate intracellular parasite which extensively modifies the host cell for its own advantage during infection. This is achieved...

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“Staggarenes” – synthesis of new extended aromatic materials (CAMMIDGEA_U23SF)

Extended aromatic systems are crucial organic materials and the general class includes discrete materials such as fullerenes through to high order 2D...

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