Research in chemistry represents each of three core branches of the subject, but it is also highly cooperative across them, resulting in three principal research themes.

Our Chemistry of Materials and Catalysis research encompasses synthesis, analysis and development of novel molecules/materials, including organometallics, organics, coordination complexes, liquid crystals, supramolecular assemblies and nanomaterials. 

Chemistry of Light and Energy research includes photodynamics of light activated proteins and light harvesting/electronic energy transfer, theoretical method development, and discovery of new materials with applications in energy capture/conversion from the sun and next generation LEDs.

Chemistry of Life Processes research covers areas such as biophysical chemistry, theoretical simulation, protein engineering and genetic programming to provide novel insight into a wide range of biological processes, with particular strengths in the roles of metals in life, nitrogen cycle enzymes, multiheme cytochromes, membrane transporters, protein-protein interactions and unnatural amino acids.