The Annual Meeting for Teachers of Statistics in Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, also known as “Burwalls”, is a small annual conference with the aim of encouraging and equipping those responsible for teaching statistics and evidence-based medicine to students or professionals in medicine and health and social care in Higher Education, the NHS, or similar institutions.

Burwalls conferences started in 1980 in a grand house called ‘Burwalls’ in Bristol, and have continued by tradition ever since! In recent years the Burwalls meeting has become peripatetic, held in turn at the institutions where participants work. The conference is an invaluable opportunity to compare notes with others working in related areas, find out what other medical schools and statistics groups are doing and gain some friends and contacts in the field.

In 2019, the conference was hosted by Norwich Medical School. Resources available from this conference are available below:

Burwalls 2019 Conference Programme
Presentation Abstracts