We research the aetiology, pathophysiology and acute and chronic treatment of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Cardiomyopathies, medical imaging, diabetes technology and metabolic control during pregnancy are particular areas of focus. We also have considerable expertise in the use of nutrition and other lifestyle strategies for optimal cardiometabolic health.

Our key areas of research are:

  • aetiology, pathophysiology and treatment of heart failure
  • cardiac energetic impairment and its mitigation in heart muscle diseases
  • ventriculo-ventricular and ventriculo-vascular interaction as well as their role in cardiac dysfunction in the failing heart
  • pathophysiology and treatment of pregnancy complicated by diabetes
  • diabetes prevention; Norfolk Diabetes Prevention Study and prevention of diabetes after Gestational Diabetes in pregnancy
  • artificial Pancreas and automated closed-loop insulin delivery
  • blood pressure control in acute stroke
  • epidemiology: CVD aetiology and prevention
  • n-3 fatty acid and flavonoids in insulin sensitivity and vascular health
  • MRI and MRS in cardiovascular system characterisation.


The Cardiovascular
and Metabolic Research Network