We deliver advanced blended-learning clinical courses for specialist surgeons and regional anaesthetists.  We currently offer four newly designed international courses.

Course highlights

  • Internationally focused, requiring no travel within - or to - the UK for any of our students
  • Designed in-house, from the ground up by leading clinical educators
  • Developed in close collaboration with surgical and medical colleges and consultants
  • Adopts educational methods highly suited to postgraduate clinical learning
  • Led and tutored by teams of respected consultant specialists
  • Underpinned by the UEA's rigorous academic processes.  

There is no requirement to commit to a full academic course meaning that modules can be taken in any order and as standalone units; up to two modules can be taken simultaneously.  Each module will provide students with a certificate of completion and itemise the topics covered.  On successful completion, each accredited module can build towards academic qualifications, should the student wish, ranging from Postgraduate Certificates to Masters degrees.  

Additionally, unlike most university courses, the cost for these modular programmes is similar for home and overseas students, making them financially flexible as well as offering competitively priced final qualifications.