Effective communication skills have been recognised as the cornerstone of good clinical practice and teamwork.

Here at Norwich Medical School we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive programme of consultation skills teaching which spans the 5-year MB BS degree. 
During your training with us you will develop your communication skills incrementally starting with the essential building blocks such as, active listening and how to take a medical history, advancing through the course to master much more complex clinical communication tasks such as motivational interviewing, breaking bad news, discussing resuscitation orders and managing strong emotions such as anger and distress.

You will be taught consultation skills using a blend of lectures and small group experiential sessions where experienced actors portray a wide variety of roles and simulate patients. We know from the feedback that we receive from former students that communication skills teaching helps equip you as a medical student for the early and continuing clinical practice that is integral to our particular course. We look forward to meeting and working with you in the future.

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