Psychedelic Arena Psychedelic Arena

Recent treasure: the poster from a mightily electric gig on campus back in 1972 - kindly sent in by Fred Robinson

Below, see some of the other groovy posters we could find from some of our earliest gigs at UEA


The three particularly beautiful posters above were sent through by UEA alumnus Phillip Simons. They're by artist Al Schmidt.

"Al Schmidt was a student at UEA - probably from 1967-1970 and I think he did fine arts. He did a lot of silk screen posters for gigs and also played blues harmonica. You probably know that posters were the main way of advertising events at UEA in the old days. Trouble was that they were so good that they were constantly being stolen from the noticeboards. To prevent this, the posters were stapled down and then slashed to make them useless to art thieves. So you may not find many pristine examples around." 

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Norwich Bands - Family Tree 1979-1983 Norwich Bands - Family Tree 1979-1983


Local Norwich Bands - Family Tree 1979-1983

Kindly provided by Nick Nation

See some of the wonderful photos sent through by photographer and alumnus Mark Hodgson from the local scene in Norwich at that time in the Photo Booth


The Gig that never happened The Gig that never happened

The gig below was cancelled:

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Anarchy in the UK tour poster Sex Pistols contract with UEA













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Concrete Post Concrete Post

A Brief History of Concrete

There have been a number of student publications produced since 1963...

Concrete celebrates 25 years in its current incarnation in April 2017. The paper was in fact created in 1973 but was replaced by Phoenix in the 1980s – with copies currently carefully preserved in the UEA archive. But there have been other titles over the years. See the timeline below which attempts to put things in order and take a look at the online archive here


1973 Concrete created

1980s Phoenix 

1992/93 Happenings 

1992 - present Concrete relaunched 

1993 - 2010 The Event – entertainments magazine

2010 - present Venue – cultural pull-out magazine 

Other titles include:

Skop, Decanter, Chips, Can Opener, Mustard Magazine and Kett

Do you remember them? Still have your copies?

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Ticket Booth Ticket Booth

Enjoy the ticket stub collection kindly supplied by UEA alumnus Bill Grisdale

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