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UEA’s gigs have been part of the fabric of life in our region for decades. Organised by the Student Union and open to the public, some of the biggest names in music have played UEA and the Nick Rayns’ LCR. For thousands of people those UEA gigs hold great memories, not-so-great memories and even gigs that can barely be remembered. We’ve been delving through our archives to look at some key gigs and their impact.

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Savages 2016 - Darkness up to eleven - Lizz Page, Outline Magazine

Memory Tent

“Golden Earring, 1973:the drummer had a habit of using the wrong end of his sticks and would take huge chunks out of them before lobbing them into the audience. I still have one to this day...”

David Auckland, Outline Reviewer

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Psychedelic Arena

Red Guitars, Loudhailers and supporting The Smiths - Lou Duffy-Howard, Bass Guitarist

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