Transforming life-changing brain and dementia research 

Understanding the human brain is one of the greatest challenges of modern science with global implications for health and disease. 

In 2012, UEA invested in a new School of Psychology which has attracted some of the highest calibre scientists from around the world to carry out research. And through our partnership with the Norwich Research Park, we are in a unique position to answer global questions about how the human brain works and why it goes wrong in disease. 

With the help of our supporter community, we opened a state-of-the-art Brain Imaging Centre equipped with a new Siemens Magnetom 3T MRI scanner in January 2021. The new centre will enable scientists to push human imaging to new limits and study the brain in unprecedented detail.

A dedicated brain imaging centre

Located within the School of Psychology, the UEA Brain Imaging Centre will provide crucial facilities and equipment that will transform research capability. Researchers from across the disciplines of Psychology, Medicine and Health Sciences will collaborate to understand how the brain develops in childhood, responds to traumas like a stroke, or changes during dementia. This research could improve lives around the world through the development of new diagnostic tools, methods of early identification of disease risks, and new interventions for rehabilitation. 

Thanks to donors and supporters, we have been able to create an MRI suite, housing a state-of-the-art MAGNETOM Prisma MRI scanner, a mock scanner room, test rooms and comfortable waiting area. However, we urgently need funds to complete the EEG suite, and a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) lab. These facilities and equipment are vital to enabling innovative new research and expanding our existing high-quality research to transform people’s lives.  

How you can help 

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