Our Research and Innovation Service will nominate an experienced Project Officer who will help you develop your application, including help with costings, deadlines, rules, regulations and eligibility, which can sometimes be complicated.​


 We can help:​

  • Introduce you to relevant academic staff who are leaders in your research area​
  • Advise on different funding schemes and their suitability to your career stage​
  • Design your proposal and provide feedback on drafts​
  • Cost out your proposal and plan budgets​
  • Preparation and practice for your interview​
  • Identify resources such as facilities, space or additional funding​


Once you win your Fellowship, we will help you with:​

  • Integrating you into the relevant School and research and office space​
  • Mentoring from senior colleagues and introductions to new collaborations​
  • Training and personal development​
  • Managing your research contract, budget and purchasing​
  • Access to top-class research facilities​
  • Support with writing and submitting further funding proposals​
  • Access to PhD studentship funding​
  • Building and managing your own research team​
  • Opportunities to gain teaching experience​
  • Opportunities for progression to permanent academic positions​