We actively work to promote learning opportunities for students and staff so that they can develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and behaviour underpinning effective interprofessional practice that enable them to offer the care people need and want.

CIPP has since 2002 made sure that healthcare students at UEA are provided with opportunities to engage with interprofessional learning (IPL).  Between 2002-2017, CIPP grew the provision of IPL opportunities to involve over 3000 students from 13 professions and were responsible for the delivery of IPL.  We have published a number of scholarly articles to share our learning with the wider community. 

Since 2017, the responsibility of delivering IPL has transitioned into schools to ensure it is fully embedded in the curricula.  CIPP continues to actively support students and colleagues to promote best interprofessional learning and practice at UEA and beyond, by encouraging innovation, and contributing to the development of new high quality IPL opportunities.

CIPP still delivers sessions around IPL, facilitation of IPL, interprofessional communication, and how to optimise current practice in health and social care.
In 2015, CIPP developed an education intervention where medical students work as healthcare assistants, which is not IPL but another way to help students to ‘see the person in each patient’, the roles of different professionals and how everyone can impact and benefit from interprofessional practice.

UEA’s Interprofessional Student Schwartz Rounds: Our Journey So Far

We are proud to have hosted Interprofessional Schwartz Rounds at UEA since January 2023.  These have received an excellent response from the schools of Social Work, Pharmacy, Health Sciences and Medicine. A write-up of our journey so far is available as a PDF