If you're thinking about starting a career here in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at UEA, you'll have lots of questions about what it's like to work here.

As a university, we have some of the most innovative and highly regarded centres for teaching and research in the UK. We provide outstanding cultural, academic and financial support for research, and interdisciplinary collaboration is actively encouraged.

We have fostered a vibrant and supportive research community and we create and publicise opportunities for research collaboration. We support and develop opportunities for interdisciplinary work in UEA strategic priority areas (e.g. Climate@UEA; Creative@UEA; Medical Humanities). As a faculty, we have a number of ‘seed-corn’ funding schemes in place to help you develop your research and research skills, including a:

  • small awards scheme, to support a range of research projects for Early Career and established researchers.
  • research publications fund, to support REF publications.
  • research training fund, to enable colleagues to develop skills necessary to undertake a piece of research or research project, or provide training to enable them to make a grant application. 
  • childcare conference support fund, which provides discretionary funds to cover childcare costs incurred during periods in which a staff member has been accepted to present their research at a national/international conference or workshop, or to undertake essential fieldwork for their research. 
  • impact fund, to support the development of Impact Case Studies. 
  • annual adventures in research fund, a scheme specifically designed to help advance the research of early career staff.

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Early Career Researchers' Forum 

This forum provides a supportive and inclusive environment for colleagues in the early stages of their research career. It aims to address career-stage specific issues and share best practice. The forum meets several times per year over lunch to ‘workshop’ a specific issue in an informal and encouraging atmosphere, with topics chosen by its membership. It includes workshops and presentations by invited speakers (including early career researchers and external to UEA) on a relevant topic or issue, and the aim is for early career researchers at UEA to develop, through discussion with peers, their personal effectiveness and the skills to ensure the widest impact of their research.