Graduates from across UEA's history share stories of their student days and their lives and careers since graduating.

Bibek in Dolpa

Bibek's alumni story: Sir David Attenborough, Snow Leopards and the WWF

Bibek Raj Shrestha graduated with an MSc in Applied Ecology in 2018. Bibek has long been passionate about environmental issues and recently has been involved...

Katie Sawyer Work Event

I’m excited for where this next year will take me.

In Katie's fourth and final instalment, she looks back on her one year since leaving UEA and how far she has come. Now four months into a finance role and in...

Lucy and her socks

All the small businesses in the world add up to be a force to be reckoned with

Lucy Jeffrey graduated from UEA in 2016 with a BSc in Biological Sciences. Lucy went on to a graduate programme at a major bank and alongside that she started up...

Peter outside SCVA

My UEA Story: Peter Kirton

Peter Kirton is President and CEO of Sheboygan Paint Company in the USA, and has had a varied and full career in research and business, taking him all across the...

Molly Naylor

Graduates star in Song of the Reed

Molly Naylor and Ella Dorman-Gajic are UEA graduates and stars of the new BBC Radio 4 drama Song of the Reed written by our very own Prof Steve Waters. Molly...

Sowmya and Mahnoor

'It is extremely important that UEA alumni support each other'

Mahnoor Qadir and Sowmya Shah met on their Sustainable Consumption module while studying an Environment MSc at UEA. They soon discovered that they had a lot in...

Ian Gibson

Dr Ian Gibson remembered - 'A passion for science and a passion for life'

Last month, we were very saddened to learn of Dr Ian Gibson’s death. Ian joined UEA’s School of Biological Sciences in 1965 and taught here for many years. He...

Luke Browning sampling beer

It all began at UEA when fermentation was covered on my BSc and MSc syllabi

Luke Browning completed a BSc in Biochemistry and then an MSc in Biotechnology at UEA, graduating finally in 2013. Luke spoke to us recently and told us how his...

Ben Cowell Headshot

Round and round the old-fashioned slide carousel turns

Although I rarely visit Norwich these days, my memories of it are abiding. Each click of my mental View-Master brings forward a familiar image, a rotating...

Sarah Midwife at Work

'Midwives are all-singing, all-dancing care givers', International Day of the Midwife 2021

Sarah Evans is a UEA Midwifery graduate and currently works in Birmingham Women’s Hospital. She shares her career highlights on the International Day of the...

Katie Sawyer Dines Out

The past year has taught me that although I have the potential to achieve great things by myself, I can do so much more when I ask for help.

In Katie's third instalment of her first year out diary, showcasing her first 12 months as a UEA graduate, she has some very exciting news - she's moved to...

Simone Chalkley

'I wanted to work with others and see where the creative side of things might lead'

Simone Chalkley began her degree (a BA in English Literature with Creative Writing) at UEA in 2016 after 16 years running her own proofreading and editing...

helen davies small

The UEA ENV graduates bringing opportunity to smallholder farmers in the tropics

Three UEA graduates work together at a small start-up in Suffolk designing and building affordable solar water pumps which offer smallholder farmers a cheaper,...

Shang en Yen small

'I enjoyed life at UEA a lot because I am in love with nature'

Four graduates from the MSc Education Leadership and Management in the UEA School of Education and Lifelong Learning share their experiences

Eliana Pineda Small

Meet UEA’s MA Second Language Education alumni

In this post, we look at the MA Second Language Education degree in the UEA School of Education and Lifelong Learning. Four graduates tell us about their...

Artensia Topuzi TESOL

I am more confident after having completed my MA TESOL at UEA

Four graduates share their experiences studying the MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in the UEA School of Education and Lifelong Learning

Todd Barry 2021

My UEA Story: Todd Barry

Todd Barry has run a seafood restaurant on Cape Cod for many years. Here he shares his experience of being at UEA in the 1980s, where he studied English and...

Katie Sawyer selfie

'It’s 2021, and I’m starting again with a new perspective'

In the second instalment of a diary documenting her first year as a graduate, Katie Sawyer recalls the ups and downs of applications and the importance of...

Andy Lawn

My UEA Story: Andrew Lawn

Andrew Lawn's new book, We Lose Every Week: The History of Football Chanting, began life as a Politics and Media dissertation at UEA back in 2009

mukhtar small

'Education is my passion'

Three graduates share their experiences studying the MA in Learning, Pedagogy and Assessment in the UEA School of Education and Lifelong Learning

Gurinder small

UEA Alumni in 2020 - part 4

In the final instalment we share the story of the Biological Sciences graduate leading the Oxford vaccine, of a proud social worker advocating for her...

Microplastics team

Investigating the common tea bag

Violeta Novakovic, Samantha Viljoen and Georgina Yallop discovered, there’s more to the tame old teabag than meets the eyes. And their research project featured...

Buket Komur small

UEA Alumni in 2020 - part 3

A breakthrough TV star, an entrepreneur giving people a renewed sense of confidence, a nurse and popular poet, a key member of the UEA Women's Alumni Network...

sikander small

UEA Alumni in 2020 - part 2

An 'unsung' hero supporting thousands of vulnerable people in Pakistan, a nurse turned author who returned to the NHS in 2020, a community star, a...

ayanna gillian lloyd

UEA Alumni in 2020 - part 1

This week we share the stories of five graduates: a midwife and Vogue cover star, an acclaimed author, an ethically-driven business owner, a Nobel Prize-winning...

Jessie Gardner small

All eyes on the Arctic

The German research icebreaker Polarstern has spent the past a year drifting through the Arctic Ocean trapped in ice. Graduate Dr Jessie Gardner was on board

Will Shears

My UEA Story: Will Shears

Will Shears is a filmmaker perhaps best know for his film about a tuk tuk driving around Europe, which he shot with fellow UEA graduate Callum Fairhurst.

eleanor horswill

'Our children represent the future. What could be more important?’

Three school Governors - and UEA graduates - share their experiences.

UEA broad and ziggurat

My UEA Story: Adam Honeysett-Watts

Inspired by his time at UEA, Adam Honeysett-Watts has recently launched his own public affairs & communications consultancy and named it 'do Different.' 

katie sawyer

'This is the part where I figure out what's next'

Katie Sawyer graduated in 2020. In the first instalment of a diary documenting her first year as a graduate, she looks back at an extraordinary final year at UEA...

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