The UEA alumni office is here to help you organise a reunion at any time of year.

We'll also help you reach as many people as possible.

Please send us an email if you'd like to know more. We're flexible and happy to tailor our approach based on your needs.

How to organise an event

We suggest that you follow the process below when organising an event.

Step 1

Have a think about why you want to hold an event. Do you want to have fun and meet friends? Is your focus on business and networking? Or would you like to re-connect with graduates from a particular discipline or year?

Step 2

Contact the UEA Alumni Team and give the broad outline of what sort of event you wish to hold. We will be able to tell you approximately how many alumni are based in your current area. We are always willing to help where possible, but it is best to give as much notice as possible and contact the Alumni team at least 10-12 weeks before you would like to hold your event.

Step 3

You should decide on a specific date and a venue for your event and communicate this with the alumni team. You should also let us know of any other details about your event so we can include this on an invitation. You should think about the event from the perspective of a potential attendee: how do they get to the venue? Do they need to bring anything with them? Should they prepare anything? Is there any fee to pay? Why would they want to come? We would encourage you to avoid fee-paying events for a first reunion, but you may wish to consider this if you have a special activity planned or are hosting at an exclusive venue and need to recoup costs.

Step 4

We will send out an email to those people we know to be in your city, region or country of residence. The invitation will contain a date, location and, with your permission, a mode of contacting you to confirm attendance and discuss further. The invitation should also contain any further details about your event.

Step 5

From here, you should be able to monitor responses to your event and make any appropriate arrangements with your venue as the date approaches. The UEA Alumni team will be happy to send out a further email reminder and post on our social media channels if time allows.

Step 6

Enjoy your event! Take lots of pictures and encourage guests to sign a guest list so you have a record of who attended. Share your contact details and allow attendees to keep in touch with each other if they would like to. Ask your attendees to use #UEAgrads on social media platforms.

Step 7

Contact the Alumni team to let us know about your event. What worked? What didn’t? Did you have fun? Share pictures and social media posts with us if you have any and we can promote your event on our channels. Contact your attendees to thank them for coming and make the most of the momentum. You can ask them if any of them might be interested in a different sort of event in future, or encourage them to alert other UEA graduates to future reunion events.

Update your details

Please note we are only able to help bring UEA graduates together if we have up-to-date details for you. You can update your details here. If we know where you are based, we will be able to send you details of events happening near you, including reunions.