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The UEA Study Abroad Incoming team assists those overseas students who wish to study at UEA for either one semester or a full year.  Study Abroad at UEA not only includes excellent tuition at one of the UK's 'top 15' universities, but also enables students to immerse themselves in the culture of a diverse, interesting and beautiful region.

 We look forward to seeing you here at UEA soon!

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Student views

"I spent a semester abroad at UEA as an undergraduate student studying Psychology.  I found my semester abroad a really positive experience in so many ways.  I became close friends with many of the other students in my dorm, the modules I undertook were interesting and I found my tutors really helpful.  The atmosphere at UEA is just relaxed and less regimental than other universities.

I found my undergraduate experience at UEA so positive that I'm now here studying a post-graduate Diploma in Counselling!"

Anika, Australia


"I loved the time that I spent in Norwich! I chose to study in England with the intention to travel and visit other European cities during any free time. I arrived at UEA and that never happened simply because Norwich is such a charming and self-contained city that I did not want to leave. I never ran out of things to do or see. I was impressed by UEA's beautifully modern campus and the beautiful city of Norwich where tradition and modernity intersect."

Kelly, The State University of New York

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2013/4 Study Abroad Yearbook