Opportunities to study at the University of East Anglia and go overseas Opportunities to study at the University of East Anglia and go overseas

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The University of East Anglia provides exciting study abroad programmes for both incoming and outgoing students through more than 160 university partnerships.

Incoming visiting students may attend the University for one or two semesters, with accredited academic credit transferrable to the home institution.

Programmes are available through: Inter-university exchange (partners outside Europe), Erasmus+  programme (European exchange), Independent enrolment, Science Without BordersSpecial programmes: Dickinson College, IFSA Butler, CCSA (Cooperative Center for Study Abroad), International Summer School 2015 and International Programmes.

The University sends outgoing students on study placements of either one or two semesters. Opportunities abroad enhance your academic experience and increase your employability significantly. Options are available through: Inter-university exchange, Erasmus+ programme and Independent programmes.

Both academic and administrative staff are able to participate in a variety of Training and Teaching Mobility opportunities through the Erasmus+ programme. Staff members may participate in multiple mobilities in an academic year, with each mobility lasting between 1-6 weeks.

Emergency Contact:

In a campus emergency please contact our 24 hour Security Lodge on 01603 592222, or if life is in danger please phone 999 for the emergency services.

Please also refer to our Dean of Students Office who offer a number of support services to students.

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