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The Faculty of Science is one of the largest faculties within the University and is based in one contiguous building encouraging a ‘faculty without walls' approach to innovation and excellence in both Teaching and Research.  Our collaborative and interdisciplinary research addresses many of society's grand challenges, and our focus on interdisciplinary collaboration across the University and with our partner institutes in the Norwich Research Park is one of our strengths.

Our six Schools of Study are committed to providing an intellectually challenging learning experience within a supportive educational environment that is responsive to student needs.

The schools of study are: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computing, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics and Pharmacy

The successes of our six Schools have played a major part in the University's excellent reputation.  Each School teaches and conducts research in a range of discipline specific areas as well as offering multidisciplinary programmes in the following subjects:

Actuarial Sciences, Engineering, Geography, Physics and Natural Sciences.

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Computing Sciences









Biological Sciences



Environmental Sciences



Natural Sciences