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New dawn for community of European universities

A new community of European universities united by a shared commitment to advancing social good and helping solve global challenges will be launched in Amsterdam today (21 October).

Research shows physical activity does not improve after hip replacement

New research from the University of East Anglia (UEA) shows that, surprisingly, patients’ physical activity does not increase following hip replacement surgery.

Pre-university skills course boosts students’ A-level success

A course designed to teach sixth form students essential university-level study skills also significantly improves their A-level results, according to research from the University of East Anglia.

Amazon fishery management solution is rare ‘win-win’

A study into freshwater lake management along the Amazon’s most meandering river has demonstrated astounding benefits to local livelihoods in replenishing vitally important fish stocks.

Creative staff lead to satisfied customers says study

Organisations in the service sector that have more creative employees enjoy higher levels of customer satisfaction, according to new research led by the University of East Anglia.

Researchers call for greater NHS transparency to cut FOI costs

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a valuable tool in healthcare research, but its use could be avoided with greater transparency of NHS policies, according to researchers.

More support needed for nurses facing mistreatment at work

New research suggests that nurses need more help dealing with disrespectful behaviour from colleagues if patient care is to be maintained.

New documentary reveals stories of Turkish child marriage

The haunting stories of Turkish women who were married off as children – and their fears of the same fate for girls today – will be told for the first time in a documentary premiering...

Promote legal alternatives to stop unlawful downloading

The promotion of legal alternatives, rather than the risk of prosecution, is more likely to change unlawful file sharing behaviour, according to new research.

Study challenges widely held view of children's moral judgement

New research from the University of East Anglia (UEA) argues that children’s ability to make moral judgements has often been substantially underestimated.

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