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Hate crimes will not be tolerated

UEA has joined forces with Norfolk’s police and councils to warn there will be zero tolerance for hate crimes in the county following the results of the European Union referendum.

EU referendum result: Vice-Chancellor statement

In a message to staff and students, Vice-Chancellor Prof David Richardson said: Today’s EU referendum result is not what I hoped for or what we at UEA campaigned for

American Civil War epic gets a fresh perspective in new UEA book

Fresh insights into one of the greatest films of the silent era are revealed in a newly published book from a University of East Anglia (UEA) researcher.

Northern bird found to be more resilient to winter weather

One of the UK’s most widespread songbirds, the Wren, varies in its resilience to winter weather, depending on where it lives in Britain - according to new UEA research.

Study explores emotional intelligence and stress in social work

Realistic workloads and ongoing emotional support are essential if social workers are to manage stress and perform their job effectively, according to new research by the University of East Anglia.

Scientists meet to discuss pioneering genetic treatments

Scientists from around the world will discuss how genetic material, similar to DNA, could be used to treat diseases such as cancer at UEA this week.

Experts outline Brexit impact on UK, international issues

UEA experts weigh in on Brexit’s impact on a range of issues – including the future of the UK and Europe, security and immigration, and the environment and the economy.

Asthma hospital admissions linked to poor general practice access

Asthma sufferers with poor access to primary care are more likely to experience an emergency hospital admission – according to University of East Anglia research.

£8 million monsoon project launches in India

A project involving scientists from the UK and India to predict monsoon rainfall by studying ocean processes in the Bay of Bengal launches today.

Growing customer power requires a strategic sales response

Organisations need to integrate their sales activities more both internally and with customers’ needs according to a new book co-authored by an academic at the University of East Anglia.

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