Negotiating Brexit: Where Now? Negotiating Brexit: Where Now?

In the wake of the October 2018 European Council, which was signalled as the decisive moment for the negotiations, we launched our second publication at a conference that takes stock of developments, looks at the views from other national capitals and “Brussels”, and considers the implications in a number of key areas, including the Irish border, trade, financial services, aviation, food, and competition policy. The publication can be downloaded here. For a report and video highlights from the day, please click here.

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Our first publication, ‘Negotiating Brexit: what do UK negotiating partners want?’, was launched on Friday 20 October at a conference held at the British Academy in London.

Negotiating Brexit Team

Members of the team presented their studies alongside several distinguished keynote speakers that included: former Foreign Secretary of State Sir Malcolm Rifkind QC; Legal Counsel at EU reform conferences from Maastricht to Lisbon Jean-Claude Piris; Lindsay Appleby Director General at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office; and Chief Advisor to the EU Brexit Negotiator, Michel Barnier, Stefaan De Rynck.

For the countries and the institutions that they cover, contributors addressed the following questions:

  • How important is Brexit to them? How are they preparing? Do they see the UK’s departure as a matter for regret, opportunity, or both?
  • How do they view the principles that were adopted by the European Council in the wake of the UK referendum? Do they think that Michel Barnier is doing a good job as the EU’s chief negotiator?
  • How is the UK viewed from the national capitals of the EU27? Is unity likely to hold or will it dissolve when and if the talks move to the UK’s future trading relationship?

A free download of the booklet is available here.