Broad range of research themes Broad range of research themes

Research in medical microbiology at the UEA ranges from fundamental studies on proteins and genes to investigations of the public health impact of water supply in developing countries.

Major underpinning themes are gastrointestinal microbiology in relation to food, water and health and the development and deployment of rapid technologies to profile pathogens and their antibiotic resistances. 

These broad areas are driven forwards by staff whose particular expertise includes:

  • Rapid molecular diagnostics for bacterial and viral infection

  • Mechanisms, impact and prevalence of antibiotic resistance

  • Bacteria and viruses causing gastrointestinal disease

  • Structure and function of microbial proteins

  • Global environmental health and water supply

  • Fungal and parasitic disease

The skills of UEA research staff are leveraged by their links across the wider Norwich Research Park. As well as the University, the Research Park houses the John Innes Centre  which has huge expertise in plant science and microbiology; The Earlham Institute, with massive genomic analysis and bioinformatic capacity; the Institute for Food Research, with major interests in gut microbiology, and the 987-bed Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, facilitating access to clinical material. Interactions across the Research Park – which hosts one of the largest concentrations of microbiologists in Europe – are outlined on the Micron ‘Microbes in Norwich' website. Wider collaborations of UEA medical microbiologists include involvement in major European Programmes and with the UK Health Protection Agency.


NHS Partner Researchers

  • Dr Catherine Tremlett

  • Dr Helen Williams

Norwich Research Park Partner Researchers

See: Micron website