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Clinical Psychology is an increasingly international profession and at UEA we have developed many diverse ways of ensuring that our programme has a vibrant international outlook.

Since 2014 we have been accepting a small number of self-funded overseas applicants onto the programme. We have developed an exclusive flexible model of training meaning that international candidates may be able to flexibly model their final year specialist clinical placements and/or their doctoral research in their home country. To encourage and enable this we have formed links and partnerships with overseas institutions and organisation enabling us to quality assure the international aspects of the programme. Finally, we have recently started to develop third year international experiential placements for our UK/EU trainees – so that they can also benefit from these aspects of the programme as they come towards the end of their training. We promote the programme through talks and open days both in the UK and internationally, particularly in the South East Asia region, and would welcome any enquires so please contact us should you want any further information. Do consider coming to UEA to make a difference and we will help you fulfil your potential.

Professor Siân Coker (Head of International Developments), Dr Paul Fisher (International Tutor ),
Professor Ken Laidlaw (Programme Director).

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