Seminars led by influential speakers from around the world Seminars led by influential speakers from around the world

The School of International Development has a lively research community and regularly invites speakers from across the world.

Wednesday seminars are usually held at 3.30pm

Friday seminars are usually held at 12pm

If seminars are held at times or dates that are outside our usual sessions, the times are stated in the seminar list below.

Seminar Organiser: Paul Clist

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Upcoming 2018 Autumn Research Seminars

More to follow in due course.





Wednesday 26th September

Prakash Kashwan

Democracy in the Woods: Environment Conservation & Social Justice in India, Tanzania, and Mexico


Wednesday 3rd October

Dee Jupp

Whose Reality? The Reality Check Approach in Research & Evaluation

ARTS 2.01

Friday 5th October

Hilde Arntsen

The President vs. the People: Online Political Cartoons and Zimbabwean Elections in 2008 and 2018

ARTS 0.28

Wednesday 17th October

Ola Abu Alghaib

Implications of Limited Disability on Monitoring the SDG Implementation at Country Level


QUEENS 01.11


Lakshmi Lingam

EDU & DEV Seminar Series:

Mobile Phones and Moral Panic: The Experience of India



Devesh Roy

Entitlement Fetching of Snatching? Arbitrage and grain diversion in India’s Public Distribution System


Wednesday 24th October

Kate Maclean

The ‘emerging middle class’? Wealth, information and vulnerability among the ‘Chola Bourgeoisie’ in La Paz, Bolivia


Wednesday 24th October

5pm onwards

Prof Alan Roger & Dr Nick Hammond

EDU & DEV Seminar Series:

Book Launch 'Numeracy as Social Practice'


Friday 26th October

Becca Farnum

Sinkholes in the Yucatan: Interdisciplinary Exploration of Groundwater

REG 3.15

Tuesday 6th November


Pu Shi

EDU & DEV Seminar Series:

Critical Thinking and Academic Writing: Experiences of Chinese Postgraduate Students

LSB 01.19

Wednesday 7th November

Tom Chaigneau

Investigating the Ecosystem Service – Wellbeing Relationship: Implications for Conservation and Poverty Alleviation



Kate Jere

EDU & DEV Seminar Series:

Enhancing Social Impact: Research on Improving Learning and Retention of Children Affected by HIV/AIDS in Rural Malawi


Tuesday 27th November


Shelia Aikman

EDU & DEV Seminar Series:

Recognition, Capacity Building and Action: Indigenous Women’s Learning in the Peruvian Amazon

LSB 0.21

Wednesday 28th November

Mark Zeitoun

Investigating the Yarmouk Tributary to the Jordan River: Implications for Research and Analysis

ARTS 2.01

Friday 30th November

Martin Scott

Foundation Funding for International Journalism

ARTS 0.28

Friday 7th December

Diana Coben

EDU & DEV Seminar Series:

The Challenges of Monitoring Adult Literacy and Numeracy for Sustainable Development: Some Personal Reflections

ARTS 01.01


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