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  Welcome to the International Development Centre

   Welcome to the International Development Centre

The Centre comprises a team of research administrators who provide services for the support, development and administration of all staff-related research, consultancy, and training delivery activities for academic staff in the School of International Development (DEV).  An integral part of DEV, the Centre works with a wide range of clients including UK Research Councils, Non-Governmental Organisations, private sector organisations, Government Departments, national and international charities, research institutes, and other Higher Education Institutions.

The Centre has been associated with DEV at UEA for nearly 50 years, enabling the School to expand its faculty base, increase its work in developing countries, and offer input that draws directly on current research and practice to a range of organisations. We have built strong relationships with a range of institutions across the globe, including academic and civil society organisations, working to improve the lives of poorer people. DEV researchers draw on their expertise to work with people and organisations in a range of ways: helping to design research projects, both on a small and large scale; working at a local level to design, implement and analyse methods for measuring change; drawing on qualitative and quantitative skills to evaluate the effects of interventions; providing expert analysis of international funder initiatives, ie: payment by results; and providing in-depth enquiry into the effects of climate change, natural disasters, macro- and micro-level economic trends, education, migration, and health and disease. 

DEV academics work in an interdisciplinary manner, sharing research knowledge and differing perspectives on their respective areas of strength. Our impact evaluation specialists include an economist with quantitative evaluation skills and an anthropologist with qualitative skills. Work also occurs across Schools within UEA, we currently have an anthropologist in DEV working with colleagues in the School of Psychology, and a social scientist working with researchers in the School of Environmental Studies. 

The School supports a range of research groups, including the Global Environmental Justice Group, the Sustainable Agriculture Innovation Network, and the Water Security Research Centre. We work closely with the Public Media Alliance, sharing expertise on DEV’s undergraduate and post-graduate Media and International Development courses.