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Applying for a mentorship module

If you have decided you would like to become a mentor, please see below for guidelines as to how to choose the right module and how to apply.  

We have a module planner which details all the modules running in the current academic year - please click the link on the right of this page to access the planner.  As a guide, mentorship modules run as follows:

Module Jan April Sept/Nov
Mentor Prep unaccredited    x x           x


Please do check the dates of the module prior to joining, to ensure you are able to attend.

You can find out more about these modules by looking for them on the module list - the modules are listed there in alphabetical order.


Which module?

As a guide, 

  • if you have a degree and do not need to accumulate credits towards a degree pathway, please opt for the unaccredited module
  • if you do not have a degree and would like to join a new degree pathway, please select the credited Level 6 module

How to apply

You need to apply for your modules online.  Go to the 'How to Apply' page.  Please read the guidance notes as they will help you to complete the form.  Please note that the online form is for UEA only so you still need to apply for funding and study leave according to local procedures. 

  • When applying for either the credited or unaccredited module, please check that whilst you are undertaking the programme you will have students on placement and that you will be able act as an associate mentor to a pre registration student under the supervision of a qualified mentor. If you are unsure whether there will be students in your area at the time you are hoping to undertake the programme, please check by contacting us.
  • Whilst you are undertaking the programme and supporting a student as associate mentor you will require supervision and support from a qualified mentor who will also complete your practice assessment documents.
  • If you have a Comparable Teaching Qualification you may not need to undertake the Mentor Preparation Programme.  Please contact the programme leads to discuss further.
  • Please pay special attention to your Personal Statement.  It needs to include information on what you see as the benefits of completing the module both for yourself and you area of work and you also need to make reference to the NMC Standards to support Learning and Assessment in Practice (2008).  As a guide, your personal statement should be around 200 words long.
  • The referee you list on your application must be your line manager
  • Please ensure you tick the box to say your referee will be submitting their reference online
  • Your referee will also need to confirm that you will have a pre-registration student to assess (this must be a nursing or midwifery student for NMC registered applicants) and a live mentor to assess you supporting the pre-registration student in practice

If you would like more information regarding the modules, please contact Dave Huggins or Steve Wilkinson



Supervising Mentor Handbook (doc)

Unaccredited Foundations for Mentor Practice Portfolio (doc)


Useful Documents

Mentor Preparation Programme Curriculum (doc)

Guidance for mentors of nursing students and midwives. An RCN toolkit. (pdf)

NMC Standards to support learning and assessment in practice (pdf)