Build transferable career skills Build transferable career skills

Career Options

The particular talents, transferable skills and knowledge you will gain during your studies are highly valued and sought after by prospective employers in a range of industries. Our graduates have secured jobs in sectors such as:

  • Media (as directors, producers, archivists, scriptwriters, journalists, researchers, cinema managers, and founders of independent production companies)
  • Civil service (as corporate managers, researchers, communications officers)
  • Advertising and Marketing (as creative directors, marketing managers, copywriters)
  • Retail (as event managers, fundraising directors and customer service advisors)
  • Education (as school teachers, university lecturers, and TESOL teachers)
  • Information services (as database managers and librarians)


Over the course of your degree at UEA, you will gain a good understanding of the media industries, the people who work within them, and the skills and expertise those people need. You will also develop key skills that are readily transferable, including:

  • The capacity for creative and innovative thought and robust critical analysis
  • The ability to conduct and deliver high-quality research
  • The ability to write and communicate effectively in a wide range of environments
  • The ability to adapt effectively to changing and new situations
  • The capacity to work independently and as part of a team
  • The ability to work efficiently and manage multiple deadlines

Structuring this broad learning around a subject (such as the media) that stimulates and engages students will have a tangible impact on the energy, commitment and enthusiasm you will develop for your work and studies both at university and well beyond.


make@uea is a video production facility based at the University. Headed up by staff members Sarah Godfrey and Roger Hewins, make@uea gives students the opportunity to maximise their time at university by gaining additional production training and work experience.

Internships, Events and Other Opportunities

We coordinate a number of opportunities and events that will help guide you towards future career paths and enhance your employability. These include internship placements with local organisations, talks and presentations by visiting industry professionals and involvement in the organisation and delivery of industry events.

Industry Connections

We recognise the importance of building bridges between our academic work and the wider world beyond the University. Several members of staff combine teaching and research with work in the film, TV and media industries. These industry connections help us keep up-to-speed with the rapidly changing media environment and will provide you with practical guidance on pursuing careers in the media.