70% of activity rated internationally excellent 70% of activity rated internationally excellent

The School of Environmental Sciences is one of the longest established and largest multidisciplinary departments of environmental sciences in Europe. We have a holistic approach to research integrating physical, chemical, biological, and social sciences into the study of natural and human environments. In the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) the School received the highest possible research ranking, a performance that was maintained as the highest ranking large interdisciplinary Environmental Science School in the 2008 RAE, when 70% of our activity was classified as internationally excellent (3* or 4*) and 25% as world leading (4*).

The School has an outstanding track record in producing influential science. This can be quantified via citation metrics which have recently placed the School as the 5th institute in the world for Geosciences – the 3rd ranked university (2009-2010); 6th in the world for Oceanography – the top research institution in the UK (2000-2010) and 3rd in the world for environmental and ecological economics (2000-2009).

Research is undertaken within overarching themes (above) and through our centres and groups. Wherever possible, we attempt to identify and exploit novel connections within research themes and between groups as well as across themes, to the rest of UEA and beyond to the wider academic community. This is the essence of the School's unique ethos. The School benefits from excellent research facilities and has extensive national and international links with many other research and policy making bodies.

Climate, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences



Environmental Social Sciences Cross-Cutting



Ecology, Resources, Sustainability and Governance



Geosciences and Natural Hazards