Leading research in the fields of graphics, vision and speech Leading research in the fields of graphics, vision and speech

Audio and visual signals are rich and complex signals that are fascinating in their own right and for what they tell us about ourselves as humans.  In the graphics, vision and speech laboratory, we use computers to both understand these signals better and to develop machines that have human-like capabilities.  We are concerned with the analysis, processing, recognition and generation of audio and visual signals in applications such as colour vision, machine vision, computer graphics, avatars and speech, music and language processing.  These technologies share many theoretical foundations that include signal-processing, machine learning, statistical pattern recognition, time-series estimation, automata theory etc.

Although each of the three areas within the laboratory is an internationally-recognised research group in its own right, there is collaboration and synergy between them in many areas.  For instance, our research on audio-visual speech synthesis and lip-reading draws on work in both automatic speech recognition and computer vision; research in colour imaging is closely connected with computer vision. Our laboratories are equipped with fast graphics computers, haptic devices, spectrometers, 3D displays, a soundproof recording booth and a motion capture system.

The laboratory is particularly successful in collaboration with industry: it dominates the University's patent portfolio, the University's spin-out portfolio, and the School's EPSRC grant and consultancy holdings.

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