John Jarrold Trust - sponsors of the Green Film Festival @UEA 2018

Nests of Hope Nests of Hope

Nests of Hope - artwork by Karen Whiterod

Insight into the Nests of Hope exhibition by Karen Whiterod

Karen Whiterod’s latest work was entitled ‘Hope Calling’: ‘an art and environment project for young people and adults who are concerned about climate change, global justice, species loss, or the future for their grandchildren’.

By framing these topics within positive messaging, we aim to change people’s perception of how they can personally be an agent for change and an advocate for climate action.

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Celebrating art and the environment Celebrating art and the environment

The free and public three-day Green Film Festival @UEA featured a number of public expert talks, workshops, discussion sessions and other related events.

Saturday, 5 May saw an all-day interactive exhibition in the Foyer of the Enterprise Centre, consisting of displays from local artists, local organic food suppliers and community growers, and other local organisations.

This event is over for the year. Watch this space for the 2019 programme!

Thank you to our sponsors, The Enterprise Centre and the John Jarrold Trust, for providing the facilities and support for this event.

Climate Cafe film workshop Climate Cafe film workshop


Calling all budding film makers, writers, artists, creatives, science communicators and others...

Green Film Festival @UEA 2017 - Climate Cafe film workshop

Join us for this year’s Green Film Festival @UEA Short Film Workshop!

Building on the successes of last year’s Climate Café we are looking to create a short film to raise awareness of CHAIN’s 'Bend the Curve Norfolk' public campaign, which is set to launch later this year as part of the global climate action campaign 'Mission 2020'.

Open to all ages and abilities. The only requirements are enthusiasm and a love for the planet!

Word-forging workshops Word-forging workshops

Word-forgin workshop at Green Film Festival @UEA, Karen Whiterod [text reads: 'Let your life become a voyage of discovery, creativity and compassion'

12.15-12.50 / 15.15-15.50

Join Karen Whiterod for an amazing Word-forging Workshop, and help build a Nest of Hope from your own creativity.

Select a word or phrase, and create your own composition from recycled electrical wire

Donate words to the community poetry station

Take the free-writing challenge and let the originality flow!

Mustard's 'Let's Go Green' Tapas Supper Club Mustard's 'Let's Go Green' Tapas Supper Club

Mustard Cafe tapas supper club menu


Mustard Coffee Bar invite you to book for their inaugural supper club. 100% Homemade, local and Organic, 100% vegan and 100% full of flavour!


Join us to find out how exciting plant-based food can be!

  • £15 2 courses / £18 3 courses (including dessert)
  • Places are limited: please book your space

A recipe for authentic hope A recipe for authentic hope

The Generation Change activities, launched for SustainableUEA and the Norfolk Festival of Nature (April 2018)

We are excited to also be working with Ruth Macdougall, a Norwich-based environmental artist and change agent.

The Generation Change project was developed by Ruth in collaboration with SustainableUEA, and supported by the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.

What is your recipe for authentic hope in the face of extreme climate change?

What would you let go of to be a Climate Hero? (This activity is tailored for children - of all ages!)

Exhibition stallholders Exhibition stallholders

Also confirmed...

Green Film Festival @UEA Exhibition photo (2016)
  • Norwich Greenpeace (co-organiser)
  • Climate Hope Action in Norfolk (CHAIN) (co-organiser)
  • FarmShare
  • Norwich FoodHub
  • Norwich Community Solar
  • Broads Authority, featuring a rather condensed guided walk of a famous local Broad!
  • East Anglian Film Archive (EAFA) material
  • FoodBank - collection point for donations [Find out more about FoodBank here]


WHOLE EARTH? exibition at UEA: displayed for tours during the Green Film Festival @UEA 2018

Discover the WHOLE EARTH? exhibition - 60 meters of global challenges and solutions around sustainability

GUIDED TOURS: 12.15-12.50 / 15.15-15.50

Touring internationally, the exhibition challenges students and universities to lead society in creating a more sustainable future and is hosted by UEA's Sustainable Development team.

The exhibition, co-created by photojournalist Mark Edwards and environmental writer Lloyd Timberlake, is 60 meters long and has been described as 'a modern-day Bayeux Tapestry'.