Namaste Hut Café Namaste Hut Café

Nests of Hope - artwork by Karen Whiterod

Namate Hut Café

Namaste Hut Café will be open at all times throughout the festival at The Enterprise Centre. Hot and cold drinks will be available, plus nibbles (nachos/popcorn/crisps etc.).

Why not include a pre-screening evening meal when you attend the festival?

Vegan and vegetarian meals (consisting of curry, rice, samosa, and onion bhajis) will also be available, at a cost of only £6, an hour before each evening film screening event on Thursday 16 May and Friday 17 May, and between 6-7pm on Saturday 18 May.  

Everything will be served in bio-degradable or paper recyclable materials, as Namaste do not use any plastic packaging.

Click on their logo to take a look at the flyer. 

Celebrating art and the environment Celebrating art and the environment

The free and public four-day Green Film Festival @UEA will feature a number of public expert talks, workshops, discussion sessions, and other related events.

There will be various events taking place throughout the festival. Further details can be seen below. 

Thank you to our sponsors, The Enterprise Centre and the Norwich Castle Museum for providing the facilities and support for this event.

Schools Workshop Day: Young Environmental Filmmakers Schools Workshop Day: Young Environmental Filmmakers

THURSDAY 16 MAY:  9.45am - 2.45pm

UEA is inviting Year 8 and 9 pupils to inspire them to create their own environmental short film. 

Green Film Festival @UEA 2017 - Climate Cafe film workshopThe University of East Anglia invites Year 8 and 9 pupils to take part in a special schools event for this year’s Green Film Festival. As part of our celebration of green inspired films, pupils will be treated to a premiere screening of the eco-film, The Human Element (2018), and will be encouraged to make their own environmental short film, either as a school project, individually or as a group.

All pupils will be provided with a free, environmentally friendly, Morsbag, containing their toolkit for the day, as well as a free GFF@UEA badge.

Public Dramaturgy Workshop: Climate Onstage Public Dramaturgy Workshop: Climate Onstage

Word-forgin workshop at Green Film Festival @UEA, Karen Whiterod [text reads: 'Let your life become a voyage of discovery, creativity and compassion'

FRIDAY 17 MAY: 5.30pm - 7pm 

Try something new and join this Dramaturgy Workshop. Help bring environmental issues to the stage.

An exciting interactive workshop for students and Green Film Festival-goers alike, Climate Onstage will look at the role of climate change in the theatre while engaging with some working theatre professionals who are bringing environmental issues to the forefront of our stages. You will even have the chance of writing some pieces of your own, led by a current UEA MA Scriptwriter. 

Toxic Racism - The Fight for Climate Justice Toxic Racism - The Fight for Climate Justice

SATURDAY 18 MAY: 3.45pm-5pm

Public Panel Discussion: Toxic Racism – The Fight for Climate Justice

Lecture Theatre, The Enterprise Centre, UEA

Following the screening of Beasts of Southern Wild, the audience is invited to a public panel discussion about race and the environment. What are the origins of the environmental justice movement? Why might we think about climate change and environmental degradation as ‘racist’? Why is it important to be having a conversation about environmental racism and justice? These are just some of the questions that guest panellists will be answering during the first half of this event, before later taking questions from the audience.   

Dr. Rupert Read's Book Launch Dr. Rupert Read's Book Launch

The Generation Change activities, launched for SustainableUEA and the Norfolk Festival of Nature (April 2018)

SATURDAY 18 MAY: 5pm - 6pm

Public Book Launch: A film-philosophy of ecology and enlightenment

Room 0.07, The Enterprise Centre, UEA

UEA philosopher and noted environmentalist Dr. Rupert Read's new book will be launched in Norwich at this event. There will be readings from Rupert's book, short clips from some of the films discussed in the book (such as The Road, Melancholia, Gravity and Avatar), and a Response from Peter Kramer. Come along and find out about the latest research on eco-films, pithily and accessibly presented in Rupert's inimitable style!

Special Guest Talks and Q+As Special Guest Talks and Q+As

Guest speakers:

Dr Sian Roch-Gatrell

Tina Rothery

Rajasegaran Kuppasamy


Q+As session with: 

Film director, Chanda Chevannes

Film director, Lindsey Grayzel and activist Ken Ward