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Terrorism is a product of social, political conditions

WHO: Dr Lee Jarvis

"“It’s important to remember that terrorism is always a product of social and political conditions, which include availability of ideas and technologies."

Supreme Court's future hangs on Democrats

WHO: Dr Emma Long

"The politicization of the Court threatens the Court’s legitimacy."

Japan, Russia meetings strengthen relations

WHO: Dr Ra Mason

"Japanese Defence Minister Inada Tomomi could use the opportunity to send a subtle message to China that Japan can move closer to Russia in its regional geostrategic relations."

Ofcom must investigate Sky bid’s plurality implications

WHO: Dr Sally Broughton Micova

"But it will be up to Ofcom to ensure that the review is thoroughly investigates the plurality implications of Sky's position."

Torture illegal, immoral – and ineffectual

WHO: Dr Lee Jarvis

"“President Donald Trump’s apparent endorsement of torture builds upon a much longer history of states employing it in warfare, counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism campaigns – often as part of a generalised programme of repression and intimidation."

Fractures rare but aerial challenges risk concussion

WHO: Dr Michael Grey

"The old heavy-ball argument often touted as the source of concussion in football is a red herring."

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