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Only grassroots movement will stop no-deal Brexit

WHO: Dr Marina Prentoulis

"Boris Johnson will shape his electoral campaign message around the populist division between ‘will of the people’ Brexiteers and the Parliamentarians who try to stop him."

Amazon fires a wake-up call of worse things to come

WHO: Prof Carlos Peres

"The threats to the Amazon have never been louder and clearer, and Brazil should honor its global responsibility to ensure the effective protection of the world’s largest tropical forest. "

Ireland won’t accept reintroduction of hard border

WHO: Dr Nikos Skoutaris

“Despite the objections of Boris Johnson, one has to remember that the previous UK Government had agreed about the need for having a backstop and that no Irish PM would accept the reintroduction of a hard border on Ireland.”

Legalise assisted dying to protect dignity

WHO: Angelika Reichstein

"If we are serious about protecting everyone’s dignity, this should include enabling people to die a dignified death – with assistance if that is the only way it can be achieved."

Facial recognition technology potentially unlawful

WHO: Joe Purshouse

“The independent review of the Metropolitan Police Service’s live facial recognition surveillance trials makes some damning findings about the accuracy of the technology, and outlines the potency of the threat this tech poses for fundamental human rights."

European heatwave continues

WHO: Prof Manoj Joshi

“In a warmer world a heatwave occurs on top of a warmer climate, making pushing past thresholds such as, for example, a certain heat index, more likely. "

Essex burial site suggests Christian conversion started earlier than previously thought

WHO: Dr Tom Licence

“As for the tomb being 'UK's Tutankhamun', this is a headline to grab attention. It isn't in the same league as Sutton Hoo!”

Supermarket price wars will resume following merger block

WHO: Prof Ratula Chakraborty

"UK shoppers should rejoice at the CMA’s decision to block the proposed merger between Sainsbury’s and Asda. This merger would have reduced competition, resulting in higher prices and less choice."

Copyright Directive threatens freedom of expression online

WHO: Dr Sabine Jacques

"Instead of levelling the playing field, the new law is likely to fortify the position of tech giants to the detriment of freedom of expression and competition."

Sharing New Zealand footage serves attacker's interests

WHO: Prof Lee Jarvis

“These sort of attacks are fundamentally about communicating with audiences beyond their immediate victims."

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