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Mixed midterm results don’t spell clear path to 2020 White House

WHO: Prof Lee Marsden

"President Trump campaigned vigorously to make this a referendum on his presidency and the outcome has produced a mixed picture."

Midterms are a referendum on Trump’s record

WHO: Prof Lee Marsden

"The midterms represent a referendum on his accomplishments and a test of whether the alliance that brought him to power is durable enough to withstand the continual cycle of scandal, resignations and dismissals, which have beset his presidency.”

Spike in early voting makes US midterm results hard to predict

WHO: Dr Michael Frazer

"It's a cliché of get-out-the-vote rhetoric to say that the current election is particularly important, but that's actually true in America this week."

Leave.EU investigation will have limited effect

WHO: Dr Eitan Tzelgov

"We can probably conclude that the effect of criminal investigations is limited."

People’s Vote march aims to challenge far-right sentiment

WHO: Marina Prentoulis

"The People’s Vote is necessary to legitimize an outcome that has been dividing the country for more than two years."

Sponsorship has risks and rewards for both parties

WHO: Peter Schmidt-Hansen

"Most people know how sponsorship works and that it has risks as well as rewards for both parties. Most people will also know that a celebrity’s alleged actions are not the fault of the brand."

Online platforms facing stricter regulations under new directive

WHO: Dr Sally Broughton Micova

"The Directive prohibits both VSPs and AVMSs from using any data gained through the mechanisms employed protect minors from harmful content for marketing purposes or profiling."

Kavanaugh decision likely to motivate voters in November

WHO: Dr Michael Frazer

"Nothing motivates voter turnout like a sense of grievance and injustice."

Catalonia's national day a reminder of divisiveness

WHO: Ms Marián Arribas-Tomé

"There are doubts on the capacity of the Catalan police to tackle alone the potential challenges that may arise later today."

Congo conflict hampering vaccination

WHO: Prof Paul Hunter

"[T]he effectiveness of any immunization campaign depends on the ability to deliver that vaccine to the appropriate people in a timely manner."

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