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UEA Tyndall Centre Director calls everyone onboard for global reductions in COat Lima climate change negotiations

A leading climate change researcher will call for “substantial and sustained reductions in CO2 emissions with all countries onboard” at the UN Climate Change Conference in Lima today.

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Our featured expert Our featured expert

Who: Dr Toby James

What: Lecturer in British Politics

Where: School of Politics, Philosophy. Language and Communication Studies

Toby's research covers elections – including electoral malpractice and voter turnout - political leadership, and the policy process. He edits the Eastminster blog and makes regular appearances as an expert commentator on British politics in the national and international media.

Current research includes:

  • Evaluating political leaders, culminating in the Labour Leaders Summit (June 28) and Conservative Leaders Summit (September tbc)
  • Improving electoral management
  • Policy continuity and change

Toby is secretary of the Political Studies Association sub-group on Political Leadership.

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