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US air strikes on Syria risk being an empty gesture

WHO: Dr Kate Ferguson

"...without a comprehensive strategy to curtail Assad's crimes and bring peace...a night of limited airstrikes will hang in history as an empty gesture that failed to save lives..."

EU using Gibraltar as leverage against the UK

WHO: Ms Marián Arribas-Tomé

"It appears the European Union wants to use the Gibraltar stalemate as leverage against the UK in regard to the Brexit negotiations."

North Korea missile takes aim at East Asia dynamics

WHO: Dr Ra Mason

"The launching of missiles by North Korea, with primarily political objectives, is nothing new, but the current positions of China and Japan do make the current dynamics in East Asia potentially more fluid than they have been for some time."

Brexit, Scotland and Northern Ireland

WHO: Dr Nikos Skoutaris

"The UK is heading slowly but surely towards a constitutional stalemate very similar to the one triggered by the Catalan independentist movement in Spain. The political developments this week mark another step towards this direction."

Coin blimey! Old £1 is new again

WHO: Dr Richard Farmer

"It remains to be seen if the public develops any sort of affection for a coin that seeks to blend the old and the new.”

Terrorism is a product of social, political conditions

WHO: Dr Lee Jarvis

"It’s important to remember that terrorism is always a product of social and political conditions, which include availability of ideas and technologies."

Supreme Court's future hangs on Democrats

WHO: Dr Emma Long

"The politicization of the Court threatens the Court’s legitimacy."

Ofcom must investigate Sky bid’s plurality implications

WHO: Dr Sally Broughton Micova

"But it will be up to Ofcom to ensure that the review is thoroughly investigates the plurality implications of Sky's position."

Fractures rare but aerial challenges risk concussion

WHO: Dr Michael Grey

"The old heavy-ball argument often touted as the source of concussion in football is a red herring."

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