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UK Brexit position in question with Davis, Johnson resignations

WHO: Dr Nikos Skoutaris

"The resignations of David Davis and Boris Johnson raise serious questions about the viability of the UK position."

The importance of pollinators for food security

WHO: Dr Lynn Dicks

"As well as food and drink, pollination is vital for plant reproductive success, medicines, and ultimately human and animal survival."

Kilauea could produce explosive eruptions, ashfall

WHO: Dr Jessica Johnson

“If the lava column drops to the level of groundwater, there is the possibility of water interacting with the magma to cause steam-driven ‘phreatomagmatic’ explosions."

Kilauea expert on Hawaii’s erupting volcano

WHO: Dr Jessica Johnson

“Kilauea is a basaltic shield volcano in Hawaii and one of the most active and well-monitored volcanoes in the world."

EU's draft withdrawal treaty

WHO: Dr Nikos Skoutaris

"[I]t is possible for Northern Ireland to remain in the single market even after Brexit. Such a solution would be a recognition of the special constitutional status of Northern Ireland as established in the Good Friday Agreement."

German diesel ban sends chill through industry

WHO: Prof Konstantinos Chalvatzis

"This will be a vicious circle for diesel vehicles in Europe."

Trump’s background checks and ‘bump stock’ bans won’t stem the tide of mass shootings

WHO: Dr Emma Long

"For a sign of how little impact on guns the tightening of background checks and the regulation of so-called “bump stocks” will have, it’s worth noting that the National Rifle Association supports both."

US tax laws fuel Amazon job cuts

WHO: Prof Paul Dobson

"Job cuts under the guise of streamlining operations at Amazon signal a change in direction for the global giant, with a focus on profitability and not just sales growth."

Ethics in theatre needs to start in drama school

WHO: Dr Daniel Foster

“Teaching ethics to theatre students will only lead to better art, to more creative, more truly collaborative, and even more daring solutions to problems."

Calais refugee announcement falls short

WHO: Dr Alexandria Innes and Ms Hari Reed

“Increased security measures do nothing to address the real issue and are historically ineffective in reducing irregular migration.”

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