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US develops a new ‘special relationship’ – with Japan

WHO: Dr Ra Mason

“From Prime Minister Abe Shinzo's point of view, this will represent an opportunity to appeal in every way possible to the new US administration that they are right behind them in terms of politics, economics and security."

Torture illegal, immoral – and ineffectual

WHO: Dr Lee Jarvis

"“President Donald Trump’s apparent endorsement of torture builds upon a much longer history of states employing it in warfare, counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism campaigns – often as part of a generalised programme of repression and intimidation."

Government control weakened by Court's Brexit ruling

WHO: Dr Nikos Skoutaris

“The political consequence of today’s judgment is that the Government loses part of its control over the Brexit process."

Fractures rare but aerial challenges risk concussion

WHO: Dr Michael Grey

"The old heavy-ball argument often touted as the source of concussion in football is a red herring."

Does 'post-truth' do away with lying?

WHO: Prof Peter Womack

"If we are living in a ‘post-truth era’, or practising ‘post-truth politics’, that has to mean that there is no longer any such thing as truth, in which case there can be no longer any such thing as a liar either."

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