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Wrong, incomplete registers cause polling snags

WHO: Dr Toby James

"The 5 May Super Thursday election is the first since the completion of the Individual Electoral Registration (IER) – and it seems the reform is causing some snags."

Norwich's martyr to the Easter Rising

WHO: Prof Lee Marsden

"Arthur Weekes, aka John Neale, believed to be the only Englishmen without Irish ancestry to die fighting for an independent Ireland, should be acknowledged for his part in the momentous events that have shaped both islands over the past 100 years."

EU-UK environmental relations go both ways

WHO: Viviane Gravey

"This report stresses that UK-EU environmental relations are a two-way street."

Huge fall in electoral register hits young voters hardest

WHO: Dr Toby James

"Data released today from the Office of National Statistics reveals the parliamentary electoral register, which will be used in the forthcoming EU referendum, has seen a dramatic fall."

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