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Saudis will embrace cinemas

WHO: Dr Eylem Atakav

"Adding cinemas into the country is indeed worthy of celebration. As a Saudi film director tweeted this morning: 'It is a beautiful day in Saudi Arabia'."

Deal is a step towards "smooth and structured" EU withdrawal

WHO: Dr Nikos Skoutaris

"Today's a step towards a smooth and structured withdrawal of the UK from the EU."

Co-op’s ‘best before’ reversal is a win-win

WHO: Ms Ratula Chakraborty

"Hopefully other retailers will follow the Co-op’s lead and in the process support thrifty shopping and reducing food waste.”

Trump tweets threaten special relationship

WHO: Dr Michael Frazer

The ‘special relationship’ between the US and the UK, long a bulwark of stability, is now threatened because the President could not resist sharing shocking racist propaganda videos

Supreme Court examines reforms to protect rights

WHO: Mr Joe Purshouse

"The Supreme Court will examine whether these reforms went far enough to protect the fundamental human rights of job applicants, having particular regard to privacy and the presumption of innocence.”

UK could face cliff-edge exit from EU

WHO: Dr Nikos Skoutaris

"Parliament will be able to vote on a final deal but if they reject that deal the UK will be facing a cliff-edge exit from the EU."

Catalonia crisis

WHO : Ms Marian Arribas-Tome

“Puigdemont’s position lacks any clear and sound programme for the future that pro-independence parties can offer Catalonia in the face of Spanish and European opposition.”

Government bill to cap energy prices

WHO: Dr David Deller

“The performance of the price cap will ultimately depend on its detailed design. Rather than legislating to introduce a price cap, the government is expected to legislate to make it easier for Ofgem to impose a price cap."

Five steps to de-escalate Catalan crisis

WHO: Dr Nikos Skoutaris

"The aim of referendums like the one organised last Sunday is precisely to mark the rupture with the old constitutional order and to create a new one.”

Young players most at risk of concussion

WHO: Dr Michael Grey

"“We don’t want to discourage children from participating in sport but there are things we can do to mitigate the risk of concussion."

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