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Catalonia's national day a reminder of divisiveness

WHO: Ms Marián Arribas-Tomé

"There are doubts on the capacity of the Catalan police to tackle alone the potential challenges that may arise later today."

We shouldn't forget that racial slavery continued unabated for years afterwards

WHO: Dr Rebecca Fraser

"Let's not forget that racial slavery continued, unabated for several decades in the Americas and the Caribbean after the outlawing the transatlantic trade."

Greek bailout ends, will social spending increase?

WHO: Dr Marina Prentoulis

“It remains to be seen if the Greek government will now have more power to avert some of the already agreed measures while increasing social spending.”

Congo conflict hampering vaccination

WHO: Prof Paul Hunter

"[T]he effectiveness of any immunization campaign depends on the ability to deliver that vaccine to the appropriate people in a timely manner."

Time for an inclusive discussion of Muslim identities in the UK

WHO: Dr Eylem Atakav

"There is always a tendency to use women as the focal point of debate when it comes to issues around Muslim identity."

Heatwaves will be more frequent, hotter, longer

WHO: Prof Corinne Le Quéré

"With global temperatures warming further from human activities, heat waves will become hotter, longer, and occur more often."

Supreme Court decision: Owens divorce case

WHO: Ms Polly Morgan

"The Owens case is a cautionary tale that reminds us the law does not necessarily accord with current views about exiting marriage and that there is a conflict between trying to make the process as painless as possible and having a sufficiently strong petition."

Backstop option is a pragmatic solution to border issue

WHO: Dr Nikos Skoutaris

"The backstop proposal does not threaten the constitutional integrity of the UK. It is a pragmatic solution to the specific circumstances of Northern Ireland."

Prospect of a hard Brexit is all the more possible

WHO: Dr Nikos Skoutaris

"All this uncertainty takes place even before the negotiations with the EU over the Chequers plan are resumed."

UK Brexit position in question with Davis, Johnson resignations

WHO: Dr Nikos Skoutaris

"The resignations of David Davis and Boris Johnson raise serious questions about the viability of the UK position."

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