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High Court considers who can trigger Brexit

WHO: Dr Nikos Skoutaris

"There is a question about the role of Parliament in the most fundamental constitutional change the UK has experienced for at least a generation."

Price dispute first of many following Brexit

WHO: Prof Andrew Fearne

"This is the first of many stand-offs that are inevitable as the implications of Brexit kick in and companies try to navigate a sustainable way forward."

Second Scottish referendum fueled by "chaotic Brexit"

WHO: Dr Chris Hanretty

"A chaotic Brexit is the best recruiting sergeant the SNP could imagine."

Fuhgeddaboudit! New Yawk tone sets debate stage

WHO: Dr Michael Frazer

"The sort of interruptions that native New Yorkers take for granted are perceived as rude nearly everywhere else in the English-speaking world."

Japan, China tensions raise security risks

WHO: Dr Ra Mason

"The potential for rogue elements on either side to interact aggressively remains a genuine risk to regional security.”

How to avoid 'Peak Apple'

WHO: Prof Robert Jones

"We may have reached Peak Apple. It'll be hard for the company to match the last 10 years of growth."

Report shows West's disregard for refugees

WHO: Prof Lyndsey Stonebridge and Dr Becky Taylor

"We can retreat into a fantasy that the countries of the West are somehow protected from the world’s misery. As we’re beginning to learn, that’s a very dangerous delusion.”

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