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Catalonia crisis

WHO : Ms Marian Arribas-Tome

“Puigdemont’s position lacks any clear and sound programme for the future that pro-independence parties can offer Catalonia in the face of Spanish and European opposition.”

US should look to Greece as stabilising force

WHO: Dr Marina Prentoulis

"Today this region is progressively destabilized and Greece can play a central role as an agent of stability."

Government bill to cap energy prices

WHO: Dr David Deller

“The performance of the price cap will ultimately depend on its detailed design. Rather than legislating to introduce a price cap, the government is expected to legislate to make it easier for Ofgem to impose a price cap."

Five steps to de-escalate Catalan crisis

WHO: Dr Nikos Skoutaris

"The aim of referendums like the one organised last Sunday is precisely to mark the rupture with the old constitutional order and to create a new one.”

California wildfires fuelled by deadly combination

WHO: Chris Bell

"This combination of hot, dry air and strong winds increases the risk and spread of fires dramatically."

In US gun debate, stalemate rules the day

WHO: Dr Emma Long

"It is an unpleasant and uncomfortable task to recognise that this is the latest tragedy in a long line of tragedies that, unfortunately, are unlikely to end here."

Bigger issues at play as Saudi lifts driving ban

WHO: Dr Eylem Atakav

"Women’s issues as arenas of political (and at times violent) struggles – women representing the nation."

Young players most at risk of concussion

WHO: Dr Michael Grey

"“We don’t want to discourage children from participating in sport but there are things we can do to mitigate the risk of concussion."

UN needs Trump’s reassurance, not tough rhetoric

WHO: Dr Ra Mason

"Donald Trump needs to reassure the other leading powers at the UN that the US will only resort to military action against North Korea if the DPRK regime moves to substantially change the status quo."

EU's postition on Northern Ireland border post-Brexit

WHO: Dr Nikos Skoutaris

“The decision of the UK government to leave the EU single market and the customs union will pose significant strains to the Irish border."

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