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Climate change expert Prof Tim Osborn

Who: Prof Tim Osborn

What: Climate change expert

Where: School of Environmental Sciences, Climatic Research Unit

Prof Tim Osborn from UEA’s Climatic Research Unit comments on a major review which finds that a ‘slow down’ in global climate change has not happened.

The US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) re-evaluated its surface temperature records over land and sea and concluded that the rate of global warming has been...

Our Featured Experts Our Featured Experts

Dr Alexander Brown

Who: Dr Alexander Brown

What: Senior Lecturer

Where: School of Politics, Philosophy. Language and Communication Studies

Alexander is a political philosopher with an interest in applied moral questions of public policy and law. His current book, Hate Speech Law: A Philosophical Examination (Routledge, 2015) charts the rise of laws banning hate speech across the globe and explores a range of principled moral arguments for and against different clusters of such...

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