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Sharing New Zealand footage serves interests of attackers

WHO: Prof Lee Jarvis

“These sort of attacks are fundamentally about communicating with audiences beyond their immediate victims."

Review a "shot across the bows of internet companies"

WHO: Prof Sean Ennis

“The Furman review has fired a shot across the bows of internet companies. This may signal a growing consensus that UK policy on the internet needs to grow up fast to protect consumers and competition."

US gun control bill little more than a sticking plaster

WHO: Dr Emma Long

"In reality it’s little more than a sticking plaster on the gaping wound that is America’s gun violence epidemic."

"No way back" for Sainsbury's-Asda merger

WHO: Prof Ratula Chakraborty

“The parties may protest loudly but it would be absolute madness for the authorities to allow a merger that along with Tesco would create a duopoly stranglehold which would inevitably lessen competition and be bad for consumers."

Regional partners and rivals closely watching Trump, Kim meeting

WHO: Ra Mason

"Perhaps the more interesting question is who has more to lose. It is precisely because both leaders believe they have little to lose domestically from meeting, and potentially plenty to gain internationally (as well as domestically), that they are meeting."

Gibraltar tensions to ratchet up if no-deal Brexit ensues

WHO: Marián Arribas-Tomé

"In the context of the Brexit negotiations, today’s incident acts as yet another call for attention of the possible implications for this territory and its citizens should Britain leave the EU with no deal.”

Gilets jaunes movement likely to build momentum

WHO: Pierre Bocquillon

“The movement funnels various groups and demands and cannot be clearly situated on the political spectrum, which makes it difficult to characterise and to deal with."

Warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions already clear

WHO: Prof Tim Osborn

“The warming caused by these greenhouse gas emissions is already clear at the global scale. The knock-on effects for our regional climates and for severe weather events are beginning to emerge from the background variability of our weather."

Facial recognition report raises further concerns

WHO: Joe Purshouse

"The report provides no conclusive answer to questions concerning the legality of the police use of live facial recognition surveillance."

Black Friday bargain bonanza as important as January sales

WHO: Prof Ratula Chakraborty

"The timing is perfect as consumers have money to splash out in the run up to Christmas but will have little saved for afterwards."

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