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UEA seeks volunteer film-makers for 'Muslim values' research

The University of East Anglia (UEA) is seeking volunteer amateur film-makers to assist with a new research project investigating what “British values” mean to Muslim people living in the east of England.

The project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council under the RCUK Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security Research and the films will be screened to focus groups before being shown to wider audiences.

“We want to know what ‘British values’ means to Muslim people in Norwich, Ipswich, Bedford and Luton, as most similar work has focused on large cities,” said Dr Lee Jarvis, Reader in International Security at UEA. “We’d like to hear from ‘ordinary’ people about how it feels to be a Muslim living in Britain today, and are asking for something like a video diary offering a glimpse into their daily lives. What do they think of as ‘British values’, how do these sit alongside other values or identities people may have? Also, how do Muslims in the region feel about media and political debates on the subject and what would they change if they could?

“We’re looking for eight people, two in each location, to produce, edit and screen autobiographical films of around 10 minutes. No prior experience of film-making is required as training will be given by UEA and our project partners BBC Voices, and we will provide all the equipment they need. Participants will have control over the content and style of their films, and remuneration of £300 will be given for their time and expertise as well as travel expenses.”

The project will run until September 2017 and will lead to articles in academic journals, reports on the findings aimed at policymakers, and social media discussions. “The films are an innovative way to give a voice to British Muslims and to stimulate discussion within and beyond the community,” said Dr Jarvis.

For further information, please email Dr Jarvis at l.jarvis@uea.ac.uk or apply directly via email by 5pm on 17 October 2016 with a brief discussion of the following two questions:

- Why my film? (max 500 words): What will your film look like? What will it cover? Where will it be shot? What style will it be in? What would you hope to show?
- Why me? (max 500 words): Why you are interested in taking part in the project, and any relevant or interesting background. 

Image: Cristiano Sabbatini/flickr creative commons