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UEA research enhances TV pictures for colour-blind viewers

One in twelve men and one in two hundred women suffer from colour blindness, and tomorrow (Tuesday 6 September) is Colour Blind Awareness Day. NGO Colour Blind Awareness is aiming to raise the profile of the condition by asking people with colour blindness to tweet #Iam1in12 or #Iam1in 200.

Colour blindness can make certain aspects of everyday life more challenging – but Cambridge-based company Spectral Edge has developed a system, called Eyeteq, that enhances images and video, giving colour-blind viewers a greatly improved experience.

“We formed in 2014 as a spin-out from the Colour and Vision Group of the School of Computing Sciences at the University of East Anglia, where the initial algorithm was conceived,” said managing director, Christopher Cytera. “It takes a lot of time, hard work and a team of very skilled people to take university research and engineer it into a commercial product. Thanks to the investment we have made, Eyeteq is now ready for licencing to television manufacturers and PayTV operators and we are confident that it will soon be available to consumers.

“The benefits of this technology are wide – it can do anything from improving colour-blind viewers’ enjoyment of a televised football match to helping schoolchildren with colour-vision deficiency to better access multimedia-based curriculum content,” added Christopher.

Kathryn Albany-Ward, founder of Colour Blind Awareness, said: “We are great fans of Eyeteq and have been collaborating with Spectral Edge to help ensure colour-blind people have access to this technology on their screens at the earliest opportunity.”

Image: eLKayPics/flickr creative commons