Head of Group

Prof Vincent MoultonProf. Vincent Moulton

Algorithms, Phylogenetics, Metagenomics

Email: vincent.moulton@uea.ac.uk


Primary Members

Dr. Christopher Greenman

Genomic variation

Email: c.greenman@uea.ac.uk


Dr.  Steven Hayward

Protein Structure

Email: steven.hayward@uea.ac.uk


Dr. Katharina HuberDr. Katharina Huber


Email: k.huber@uea.ac.uk


Dr. Taoyang WuDr. Tao Yang Wu

Machine Learning in computational biology

Email: taoyang.wu@uea.ac.uk


Affiliate Members

Dr. Laure Daviaud

Dr. Laure Daviaud 

Machine learning, Data mining, Clustering

Email: l.daviaud@uea.ac.uk


Dr. Stephen LaycockDr. Stephen Laycock

Machine learning, Data mining, Clustering

Email: s.laycock@uea.ac.uk


Honorary Members

Dr. Jo Dicks

Computer Vision, Image guided surgery, 3D Graphics

Email: joanne.dicks@uea.ac.uk


Dr. Dan Maclean

Machine learning, Data mining, AI

Email: d.maclean@uea.ac.uk






The UEA Computational Biology Laboratory was established in 2004, and is housed within the D'Arcy Thompson Centre (DArT).

Physically located in between the Schools of Computing and Biological Sciences, DArT promotes an integrative philosophy to computational biology, with areas of research spanning the biological hierarchy from genome through to ecosystem.

In addition to carrying out high quality research with international and national partners, DArT develops  computational biology with scientists across the Norwich Research Park (NRP). NRP represents Europe's largest and most successful single site concentration of research and development in the areas of plants, food, diet, health, the environment, and information systems.  

Members of DArT collaborate closely with computational biologists and other scientists  from NRP institutions such as the School of Biological Sciences, the School of Environmental Sciences, the John Innes Centre,  The Earlham Institute,  Quadram Institute and the Sainsbury Laboratory.

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Computational Biology Research Themes

Research in computational biology encompasses the six research themes

Computational Biology Publications

As a group, we are highly cited, have published in many high-impact journals and presented at prestigious, international conferences.

Computational Biology Software

Members of the Computational Biology Group are involved in the development of various computational biology software packages, some of which are listed here.


The computational biology group pursues a wide range of projects with funding from research councils, societies, governments and industry. This diverse financial support highlights the group's commitment to advancing research, innovation, and addressing real-world challenges.